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Originally Posted by Agro View Post
Just serviced the Haldex AOC on my 2014 XC70 at 43000klms.

Lots of gunk and very dirty oil - see photos.

Had I expected this I would have serviced it at 30000klms.

Would recommend this service be a high priority to anyone who hasn't done theirs yet.

Tip.... rather than pull the pump out and risk a big oily mess, place your tube/syringe inside the filler hole and suck most of the oil out before removing the pump.
This was indeed a problem about 6 years ago , there was a faulty batch of oil causing the pump intake filter to block with a jelly substance . one the oil was changed all was ok , they generally do not need servicing as such as volvo use the highest quality oil available ,.
My comments are only based on my opinions and vast experience .
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