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Originally Posted by Clan View Post
This was indeed a problem about 6 years ago , there was a faulty batch of oil causing the pump intake filter to block with a jelly substance . one the oil was changed all was ok , they generally do not need servicing as such as volvo use the highest quality oil available ,.
Sounds a bit like the "sealed for life transmissions".

The "highest quality" fluid is used, yet some of the fluid I've come across could be painted onto roads (colour wise).

This is because people are under the impression that their transmission is indeed sealed & nothing needs to be done with it & the fluid isn't as good as you make it out to be. This is clever marketing from Volvo's perspective, particularly as they don't specify it in their service schedule that a transmission should be serviced, unless its under "arduous use" . Whenever I phoned up to book my car in, nothing was ever mentioned about the transmission fluid, regardless of the mileage.
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