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Originally Posted by Bracpan View Post
The regenerative braking makes it more efficient but also more expensive as you have to us AC motors but i imagine a lot of the road going electric cars are using them using one of them is a good idea
But for a very simple set up a DC motor will be fine and cheaper with less wiring too... as always its horses for courses.. but cant wait to follow this project, good luck..
When i was planning mine the batteries became the straw that broke its back... i was only planning on running for about 10 mins all weekend so I could us only 6 batteries....cost over 4000..
Yes, my initial plan was to go down the DC route but the AC motors aren't so expensive anymore and the regen does give a little return. Yes 4000 on the batteries is what I expect to spend. I am picking up second hand parts here and there, I have a brother in the USA who returns in a few months so thats handy... Lots of people doing this over there.

Mine will be a daily driver and I have my Zoe which I will sell which will help cover the expenses.
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