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I have to agree with Kay, about possibly bent Upper Control Arm (...bottom surface of it should be in one plane)...although that picture is not straight-on, which could add some perspective error, there does seem to be an angle:

..this results in Upper Ball Joint pointing a bit to the rear, but thankfully, because it is a ball joint, this is not a huge issue...this will affect Alignment a bit (it might even be possible to align it out)...if I had an UCA which was lightly misformed like that, I'd replace it...OR... fixture it up on a 20T Press, and bring it back to nominal shape, and inspect for cracks with fluorescent penetrant before installation, just to be sure no cracks developed from bending operation...

I don't see any issue with Anti-Roll-Bar...again, perhaps whatever Russ is seeing, is introduced by camera-angle...

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