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Protecting Keyless System from Hackers

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Old Dec 1st, 2020, 18:14   #1
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Question Protecting Keyless System from Hackers

Has anyone come up with a solution to protecting keyless entry key from possible hacking while it is in a pocket or handbag? I have tried putting them in Faraday bags but I and other users have found these bags stop working after several months use for no apparent reason. At the moment I have taken to wrapping the keys in silver cooking foil but this is a bit crude. Any other suggestions? Or has anyone found a Faraday bay that actually works long term. My XC40 is late 2019 which means it does not have the new key that blocks signals after being dormant for a period of time, eg overnight in a house. (This problem is not exclusive to XC40 but all new models with keyless entry.)
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Old Dec 1st, 2020, 21:02   #2
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Any use?

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Old Dec 1st, 2020, 23:04   #3

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Try a Faraday box instead of the pouch.

The pouches for me would last 6 months. The box I now have carries on long term. Obvs not something to carry out and about though.
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Old Dec 3rd, 2020, 13:13   #4
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Surely it isn't beyond the wit of manufacturers' software teams to enable keyless entry to be switched off and an update for it to apply to older cars.
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Old Dec 10th, 2020, 19:28   #5
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I'm well aware of the problems around keyless entry, I've got it on my car. However I thought it was a two handed operation with one person scanning for the key, typically within a house, picking it up and re-transmitting signal to a second person standing by the car. Reasonably close proximity of source key to car would therefore be necessary. Has technology moved on?
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Old Dec 14th, 2020, 09:00   #6
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Default More to the point

Has anybody any authoritative data about the number of Volvos which are stolen by cloning keys carried in your pocket/handbag/briefcase? Id have thought it was a highly unlikely event.

Cloning keys kept on a hall table within feet of a car parked on the drive has happened, weve seen security camera recordings of it, but of Volvos?

Keeping your keys in a metal box away from the perimeter walls of your home ought to be sufficient to prevent the risk of theft by that means.
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