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Old Apr 4th, 2002, 21:33   #1

Default Rattle!!

I bought an 850T5 estate a few months ago.(Had lowly 340's and 440's b4),
anyway after setting off at 20 miles an hour there is a vibration which seems to be coming from the underneath near the rear of the car.
I'm not too concerned just curious.
Any ideas?

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Old Apr 4th, 2002, 21:50   #2
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Default RE: Rattle!!

Hi Paul,

we seemed to have travelled the same path. The quick answer to your question is the Hand Brake cable is rattling. TO fix this there is an adjuster in the centre console. Lift the lid and you seem a grey insert, poke it with a screw driver and there is an adjustable cog there for the hand brake linkage.

Other possibly problems are rear mount failure common if not changed or a noisy shock going bad, i have usffer all these.

mark exbrummie in leeds.

Polishing Mark
VOC 850 class winner 1998 to 2007
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Old Apr 4th, 2002, 23:13   #3

Default RE: Rattle!!


Re that rattle. is the handbrake one a metalic tinkling sound that occours most on bumps? I have this same problem but my handbrake is workig fine... Will check out..

Loz in Leeds

850 T5 CD Auto - The Devil's Playgound }>
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Old Apr 5th, 2002, 08:21   #4
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Default RE: Rattle!!

I've just had a similar problem, as Mark mentioned, this was a rear upper suspension mounting broken. In the estate the way I found out was that if you open the tailgate and then push down in the rear deck, one or the other corners of the deck panel nearest the seats will lift up. It is difficult to actually see unless you remove the panel. However this should only be a rattle when hitting bumps, unlikely to hear it on smooth roads. If it is this, it is a cheap fix - the part is only 10 or so.

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