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Re-starting an 850

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Old Mar 29th, 2002, 12:02   #11

Default RE: Re-starting an 850

Adrian, I had a wee knock in my first one, and the reason why I posted about starting it is because it has been in garage for a couple of months since. They offered me a courtesy car - a corsa!?!?

Mmmm... let me think. Nah, straight to the bank, get some cash and go get another one while I wait. I think my car is ready now, but I am kinda enjoying this one now (and I can't be bothered). It is much faster (obviously being manual 2.5).

Have you ever driven a 2.0 auto? I think that is what caused the knock - I must have fallen asleep. Slow? It's embarassing! I think a T5 will be coming up.

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Old Mar 29th, 2002, 20:48   #12
dr dolittle

Default RE: Re-starting an 850

Dave is quite right about spinning her over to get some oil pressure prior to starting - a very good idea. On "old" cars the way to do this was to pull off the HT lead ... However, on these new fangled things it's better to disconnect the flywheel sensor lead and then crank it over. This fools the ECU into thinking the engine's not actually spinning and hence no fuel or sparks are produced but oil pressure is built up. I always do this after an oil change to make sure the oil is where it's supposed to be prior to firing up ...
Good luck
Dr D
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Old Mar 30th, 2002, 11:30   #13
Senior Member

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Default RE: Re-starting an 850

Where is the flywheel sensor lead??
Cheers Tom
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Old Mar 30th, 2002, 17:05   #14
VOC Member

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Default RE: Re-starting an 850

>Hi Dave, this is probably me being a bit thick but turning
>the engine over with no spark, won't this put raw petrol
>into the cat?
Not if you only give the engine a couple of turns. The amount of unburnt fuel getting through to the cat will be minimal if any as the car has been stood for a few months and would not do any damage. It is better that you get the oil to the top of the engine, having hydralic lifters more damage would or could be done by the engine turning with no compression and lack of oil.
V50 2.4 D5 R-Design SE Sport
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Old Mar 30th, 2002, 18:47   #15
dr dolittle

Default RE: Re-starting an 850

Hi Tom,

The sensor is located on top of the clutch housing next to the block - it usually has a circa 6" fly lead ending in a 3 (?) way connector block clipped to a nearby hose.
Disconnect it at the connector block and crank the engine until the oil light goes out - the engine is now primed and ready to go ! Re-connect, fire her up and enjoy ....

All the best

Dr D

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