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Rear O/S door stuck and won't open- any advice?

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Old Mar 2nd, 2017, 23:12   #11
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Default Sorted

Just a quick update, got it fixed today at my local Volvo specialist, Sheffield Mxxxxith.

After getting several quotes from Volvo dealers nearby, I have a very slim chance of getting Volvo to pay out 100% of the cost for the repair, and most of them are suggesting 260 pouinds or more to do both doors, with Volvo contributing 50% of the cost or repair.

One of the Volvo dealers says it could be covered by the extended warranty, which was due to end next year, but since the warranty that came with my used car doesn't cover repair at the Volvo dealers I had to go to the Volvo specialist.

Booked it in for today and had a courtesy car which was also a V40 (but from 2000. a 1.8 petrol). Got it fixed in a day and they managed to get the parts ordered in the morning for fitting in the afternoon, and I got my car back in the evening.

It costs 285 just to fix one door, with labour being £120 - possibly due to the fact that the door cannot be opened to start with and they probably had to pry out some bits etc with extreme care, and the lock was around £118.

Fortunately the mechanics got onto the warranty people and told me that the warranty will reimburse me £200 for the repair, so I don't have to fork out as much.

I have every faith in my local volvo specialist since they are good and all the previous Volvo I had before were serviced there and no troubles ever since. They have also mentioned they have done this repair on a few cars before which was a bit of a relieve and worry.

It's interesting driving the V40 from 2000 and the current V40 as contrast is quite substantial between the two. The old banger I drove today had 154k on the clock with cambelt replaced recently. Despite being an old car, the seats were very comfy and the controls were quite nicely laid out with the steering feeling more like a ford focus, and as always, its built quality is pretty good with no rattles or strange noises.

The new one is certainly a delight to drive and own, but there are just some little bits which makes me appreciate the old V40, it's still a beautiful estate and It shows Volvo has progressed so much in just 10 years!!
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Old Mar 7th, 2017, 13:17   #12
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Originally Posted by Clan View Post
I do wonder how they are going to replace the lock since the door cannot be unlocked using the button in the car nor the key fob

volvo know how to do it without causing damage ,,
You say that but when the same happened to my S40 the local Volvo dealer wrecked the rear door card in the process of removing it from within. They managed to get the front one off without damage when it went.
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Old Mar 29th, 2017, 10:48   #13
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I've got a 63 reg V40 D2 R-Design

My N/S rear door refused to unlock intermittently and the driver's door would sometimes not open from the inside until you pressed the Unlock button to unlock all doors.

Johnsons Volvo in Gloucester replaced both rear door locks and the driver's door lock and did a fantastic valeting job on the car - only took about 3 hours as they had pre-ordered the parts and all covered under the extended warranty.
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Old Feb 11th, 2018, 16:37   #14
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Default Rear O/S door stuck and won't open- any advice?

I've just encountered the same problem on my 2014 V40 - just the one door. No response to anything. Handle pulls out but appears to have no mechanical feel behind it.
However, I have read that this has been a known problem since at least 2013 and Volvo in Sweden has extended the normal 3 year warrenty by an extra year to cover this and that Volvo UK has done the same.
Does anybody have any confirmation of this, please?
I'm due into my local Volvo garage Thursday for it to be repaired and I'd like to be armed!
It would appear that others have been told Volvo will only change both rear locks, not just one. Sounds like they know there is a problem and are attempting to avoid the next incident!!
Any help would be appreciated.
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Old Feb 11th, 2018, 16:58   #15
volvo for ever
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ther is a policy action on rear door locks and front locks ask your dealler as theve had big problem with them ,,

failing that remove door card 3 torx screws then 7mm bo;ts that hold on cassette quick simple lever of metal arm on lock will open the door ,then new lock required
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Old Feb 12th, 2018, 21:13   #16
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It is also worth pointing out that a door that can’t be opened is an MOT failure.
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Old Feb 15th, 2018, 19:41   #17
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Smile Rear O/S door stuck and won't open- any advice?

Been in to have my lock sorted. Was initially told that my vehicle was not on the Volvo list for a contribution for the repair so it would cost me full whack, about £250 for one lock.
I had laboured the safety aspect of this, especially for children in the rear seats, and the MOT failure aspect. Also that it was obviously a well known problem for them.
They did offer to talk to Volvo and see if they were prepared to contibute but it was unlikely, and if anything, they doubted if would be more than 50%!
My spirits lifted when, on collecting the car they said there was no charge - Volvo would carry it!
Beginning to restore my faith in Volvo a bit but the whole question of these failures appears to be being handled deliberately to try and keep it low key and minimum cost to them. Unless the customer kicks, they will charge!
They also admitted that they had "about two a month" with these faults. If that is just one dealer then there are a lot of these faults across the country.
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Old Dec 28th, 2018, 16:33   #18
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I have the same problem with my V40 2013 (o/s rear door...)

This must me the common issue with these locks.

Did anyone try to disassemble, clean and grease the lock??
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