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B4 AWD Diesel or B5 AWD Petrol

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Originally Posted by mark2410 View Post
from what my polish friend has told me about cars in poland they are really limited in spec options compared to uk but the way around it is buy one from germany instead. Apparently in germany near the boarder its quite a common thing to do.
This might have been true some years ago. There's lots of wealthy people in Poland these days, so I don't understand why any brand would limit spec options. I guess there will be differences in trim level and equipment packages content, but if you want full spec car, you should be able to get one

By the way...
I have some friends from Poland. Basically everyone there drives +20kph above the speed limit Fine for driving 200+ kph on highway (or basically anywhere +50kph above the limit) is like 100 euros
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Originally Posted by Malcolm Rouchy View Post
I just moved back to UK last month after 27 years in South Africa, why?

(1) There is a law going through parliament at the moment to confiscate private property and refusing to pay compensation. My wife and I owned a 2 acre small holding which could be one of the type of properties confiscated by the government. That when the wife and I decided to leave.

(2) Medical bills. Although we had medical aid, it didnt cover all medical expenses. I had a minor stroke and needed a CT scan, that cost me R11,000 or over 500, a visit to the doctor was over R500 or 23, medication cost me over R2000 or over 95 a month, a two week stay in hospital with pneumonia cost me over 1000. All of those costs are after medical aid paid their bit. The above costs may not sound much, but that was a huge lump out of my UK pension. Now I'm back in UK all of my medication is free as is medical treatment.

I paid my dues and served in the military for 20 years before moving to South Africa, I am not a scrounger unlike those crossing the English Channel who have paid nothing into or did anything for this country.

There are problems within this country, but there is nowhere I'd rather be. All we need now are politicians to do what they promised and get rid of idiots like the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan

The grass is not always greener on the other side.
Welcome back and i couldn`t agree more with your comments on the Mayor of London
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