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440 Manual gearbox oil

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Old May 26th, 2010, 10:43   #11
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Also confirmed from local dealer (Hatfields) that 3343922 has superseded to 1161681.

Something odd with Nordic's listing then....?
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Old May 27th, 2010, 11:47   #12
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Default 440 Gearbox Removal


Replying to your email on the subject was blocked by the Administrator (why ?) so I have contacted you through this link.

You would be wise to refer to the section in the 440 Series Haynes manual covering the removal of the clutch without removing the gearbox from under the vehicle.

I used axle stands on the front of the car with the handbrake firmly applied and the rear wheels securely wedged with blocks of wood.

To replace the clutch requires the dismantling of the passenger side front suspension in order to remove the nearside driveshaft and disconnection (at the gearbox, by removing two roll pins) of the offside driveshaft. You may find it is worth replacing the outer drive boots whilst you have access to them.

An engine hoist is needed to lift the engine slightly in order to unbolt the engine mounts at the gearbox end.

Once all the bolts are undone, pulling the gearbox away from the engine was a two man job but did not need a supporting jack.

Best of luck.

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Old Jul 7th, 2010, 16:38   #13
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For those who find this post via the search function (its got a good title), only use Volvo gearbox oil in the manual boxes of the 400 series and for S/V40 gearboxes of the same family (reverse is top left via a lifted collar on the gearlever).

These gearboxes require bespoke additives different from those in standard gearbox oil. Specifically, these bespoke additives avoid the corrosion to gearbox internal which will occur with standard oil. (different materials for Volvo upgraded boxes compared to the Renault originals. Volvo suitably redesigned and amended material choices for their gearboxes).

More discussions on but here's the summary.
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