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Volvo XC40 Vs Kia Sorento?

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Old Nov 8th, 2018, 12:25   #11
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Originally Posted by Physiogirl View Post

This is my first post but I'm really hoping by joining you can all help me.

I'm in the process of picking which car is right for me and after tying several cars I decided on the Volvo XC40 as I felt it was big enough and suits my needs but the reason I need your help is because my sister thinks I should go for a bigger car even though I really want to get the XC40, I did test drive the car she thinks I should go for ( my sister and her 3yr old son lives with me and further into this post I'll explain more) the Kia Sorento is what she thinks I should get but I really don't feel I need a car that big hence why I'm stuck as both are lovely cars but not only do I feel that I don't need a car that big but the Sorento is way more expensive and I'm not 100% sure I can afford it were the XC40 I know I can afford.

Both suit what I need and I have test drove both and liked Both but the XC40 won hands down due to being quiter. Below I will write some of the things that are important to me.

1) i will be driving 300 miles a week and live in a very isolated village and we get very bad winters here when it does snow so being able to drive though the snow is very important as we have no supermarkets or shops ect were we like we are a very , very small village , my nephew goes to nursery in the next town to us which is 30 mins drive ( I pick him up as my sister works in the evening) and I work 1hr away from were we live. So it's important that I can drive out of the village and not let the snow be a problem. I think I read as long as I have good winter tyres the XC40 will do just as well as the bigger car.

2) I suffer with fibromyalgia and back issues so comfty seats and heated seats\ steering wheel are important so I don't get stiff

3) due to suffering tinnitus a car that's not to noisy ( the only noise that can be a problem is road noise , tyre noise ect. ) this is why the Volvo won hands down in the test drive as it was quiter than the Kia.

4) reliable ( I'm not sure how reliable Volvo's are)

5) able to carry two large dogs in crates in the back ( a German shepherd and a golden retriever)

The car will be used for , daily commute to work and then picking my nephew up after work , day trips , shopping trips, trips to the vet , grocery shopping ect.

Please read what I'm about to say very carefully so you can understand why I don't think I need such a big car like the Sorento.

The reason my sister wants me to have a bigger car than the XC40 is we always have to hire a car for holidays as my sister's car is not big enough , she owns a Mazda 3 hatchback, and there's not enough room for me, my sister, my mom ( who comes on holiday with us) , my nephew and 2 large dogs let alone luggage so we always hire and my sister thinks if I got the bigger car we won't need to hire anymore but I just think that's a waste of a big car as apart from going on holiday once a year we are never in the car all at once for example most week days it will be just me during the day and my nephew in the evening , then shopping trips are the only time we are all in the car but if we go on a shopping trip ( clothes shopping ect) then the dogs won't be with us and if we go on a day trip with the dogs then we won't be shopping , so I just don't see the point in getting a big car like the Sorento when 80% of the time it's just me and my nephew in the car. I just thought for holidays that I could have the dogs and my sister could have the luggage that way we all still go on holiday without hiring if that makes sense.

I thought that my plan would be better as I can't help but think of what the service costs and maintenance costs are for such a big car like the Sorento compared to the XC40 as I'm the one paying for the services ect and only so we have a bigger car for holidays ect that's why I think my idea is better of using two cars my and hers instead of buying a car bigger than I need.

The reason I joined is in hope I can get an outside view advice and to see if XC40 owners agree that the XC40 seems right for the needs above.

Your car your money, buy what car you want.
The only thing I would say is that the XC60 is as big, possibly bigger than the Sorento, so go for the XC40.
If you go for new, I suggest you take out the 5 year service contract.
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Old Nov 8th, 2018, 13:43   #12
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I'll echo what everybody else is saying it's YOUR car so you go with what you feel is right for you.

As said holidays are once a year & maybe a roofbox on an XC40 will give you that bit of extra space you need without having to hire.

I'd look at buying ex-demonstrator or nearly new to save a bit of money & if possible purchase a service plan up front to cover off those future costs.

In the future I would think the Volvo would retain more of it's value than the Kia.

I've heard good things about Kia's but when dad had one (Venga) yes it had lots of bells & whistles but..... things like the ergonomics let it down. The seats for example weren't very comfortable & didn't really have the right amount of adjustment to resolve it.

My sister on the other hand love's Kia's she's just got her 4th & never really had any issues with any of them.
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