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P1800S wing/door mirrors

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Old Aug 15th, 2018, 14:23   #1
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Default P1800S wing/door mirrors

Hi I am new to this forum, having recently purchased a nice P1800S I was thinking of fitting wing/door mirrors, but wondered if I should keep it original ie.without?

Is there a general view on this

Thank you
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Old Aug 15th, 2018, 15:18   #2
Ron Kwas
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Welcome to this forum, and congrats on your acquisition!

You don't mention year, but there is no such thing as a P1800S designation...earliest models were designated P1800, later when production was moved to Sweden, designation was changed to 1800S, last injected models were ...E and ...ES.

As the owner, the final decision on changes/mods is of course up to you, but if the vehicle is currently all original, and as such a good snapshot of the automotive state of the art, and particularly of the model at that time, you might consider keeping it original. Most here, including me, will probably prefer and advise to keep it historically original...that is, only consider changes that were originally available and period proper (ie Minilite wheels [like Simon Templer had fitted!], bullet style wing mirrors you were asking about) that, I would add safety and reliability changes which are only mildly invasive and which remain reversible (ie Pedal Position Sensing Brake Light Switch, and Pushbutton Start Switches - Full disclosure: I offer these kits.*). Finally, installing modern, radial ply tires is a no-brainer...

Enjoy vintage Volvo ownership! And when questions come up, know that there is literally a world of experience available here to help.


* See:

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Old Aug 15th, 2018, 19:03   #3

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Congratulations on your purchase!

I'm new to Volvo myself (PV444) and my car's improvements and upgrades will keep me occupied for quite a while.

My advice is to drive your car for a while, and based on your driving experience to make the decision as to what mirrors you really want and need. Also look at a lot of period photos so you might find something that is period correct.

In the early 1970s, I drove a big Healey with wing mirrors mounted over the front wheel arches. I loved them because I could see to the side and rear of the car without removing my eyes from the road.

Then all of the modern cars started to have the mirrors mounted on the doors. Much more convenient to adjust the mirrors, but to use, I needed to pull my eyes off the road to look past the door jamb. I've always felt that such placement is less safe.

Now with my MGA, a big debate on the forum is whether to mount mirrors near the door, on the front window frame or to mount on the wings. Wing proponents are loosing, due primarily to adjustability.

On my MGA (vintage racer), I finally mounted the mirrors on the wings, but just in front of the doors where I can still reach them from the seat with my arm. My primary motivation was not wanting to drill any extra holes in the fenders.

I shopped forever for just the right mirrors, and ended up using Hagan Street Rod Fattie (round / convex) mirrors that have worked out nicely.

I have a little peeps mirror (I assume aftermarket) on the driver's side door on the PV that's less than useless and that I'm likely to replace once I start to work on the doors.
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Old Aug 16th, 2018, 14:24   #4
Derek UK
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Obviously it's your choice but I'd say don't fit them if you can live without them. Wing mirrors - Unless you have them with arms that go out to the side it's difficult to get a good rearward view and this type isn't very elegant. If you fit bullet type on top of the wing or even slightly down the sloping outer edge of the wing the rear view is compromised again by the A post as it's further out than the wing. Door mirrors - The usual Volvo ones fitted are partially blocked from your eye by the vertical window support. Unless you choose the ones where the arm is hinged at the front of the mount it will clash with the quarter light. Front hinged type needs careful positioning. It's also virtually impossible to adjust the matching passenger door one to give you any useful view to the rear. Bad fault with either of these is wind noise. If you do fit them you WILL notice it.

The internal mirror is small but for a few pounds you can fit a panoramic clip on one over the top of it. Not perfect but does the job well. Easy to pop it off it when showing the car if that sort of thing annoys you.

If you bring your car to the show on Herne Bay seafront this Sunday or come as visitor you can check out the one on my Amazon Estate. There should also be at least one 1800 there so that might also be useful to you. Come early with your car if you want to try and enter on the day as it does get very crowded.
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Old Aug 18th, 2018, 08:39   #5
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i agree with Derek. Also the mirrors sold as Volvo are poor quality. I have had two break where the spring is located and the chrome is wafer thin.Not worth the money or name.
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Old Aug 30th, 2018, 03:46   #6
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Default P1800S name

In 1963 only, the first Swedish-assembled 1800's were, in fact, officially named P1800S. This was only in 1963, and only for the first Swedish cars that were essentially similar to the Jensen-built P1800's. From 1964 onward the name was simply 1800S, until 1970 when fuel injection changed the suffix to "E" for einsprutning. The P1800 name originally meant "P" for passenger car and "1800" for the engine size, and the "S" was added to indicate Swedish assembly. But for some odd reason--probably marketing--the 1800 name remained even after the engine size increased to 2000 cc in 1968.
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