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Help no AWD XC90

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Old Nov 24th, 2020, 01:27   #1
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Default Help no AWD XC90

Hi I have a new to me XC90 just discovered I have no AWD. 2006 185 D5 manual 200k KMs

I thought the splined issue only occurred in the 163bhp version,

however I can turn the propeller shaft with the car in gear, I take it that this means fault in the transfer box or the collar is shot.

the clutch is slipping also, so major work to be done but Id like to get an idea of the amount of work I am in for..

I have a donor with a brand new original turbo that I know has perfect AWD it is an Auto from the same year, I presume I can safely swap the Turbo, Transfer box, collar etc. if necessary the Haldex gubbins?

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Old Nov 28th, 2020, 16:11   #2
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Originally Posted by osullivant View Post

however I can turn the propeller shaft with the car in gear, I take it that this means fault in the transfer box or the collar is shot.

Yep I believe that to be the case...I'd suggest a 20/80 probability split. Collar gear is believed to be a sacraficial part, although no one at Volvo would say so.I also remember reading that one side collar fails more often than the other, can't remember which side it is. I do know that collar removal more often than not IS a PIA.

Can't help with other stuff, but would suggest the nearer the age your car to the donor car the better your chances of success.
Cheers Bob
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Old Nov 30th, 2020, 13:14   #3
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It's usually the side into the gearbox that goes. If you need a new clutch then time to remove the lot and inspect it - that's the only way you will know what's failed and if it's just one component.
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Old Feb 12th, 2021, 20:12   #4
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I always thought it was the transfer case side that failed on them rather than gearbox side?
From pics and videos I have seen it's usually well welded on to the gearbox side which would suggest it certainly isn't spinning when it shouldn't be IE stripped splines.
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