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Trader's Offers & Discounts A forum for discussing special offers that are available to VOC or Forum members. Commercial organisations must first seek permission to post details of products.

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Winter Tyres and Chris Knott

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Old Nov 13th, 2018, 01:59   #11

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Location: lincoln

As another member here has pointed out - this is thinly veiled ad, and we are not children here so can see it for what it is, hence the general discussion.....perhaps some advice from the industry would be helpful though...

Presumably, I'll need to inform my home insurance provider that I've just bought a new doormat. You see, its about 5mm thicker than the old one so could constitute an enhanced risk....also, what about fairy lights ?
My dog has just been for a haircut. Now, he's not normally prone to catching a chill, being a Gundog breed, but you never know. Should I contact The Kennel Club tomorrow to keep them abreast of the change.....?

Years back my son unfortunately crashed my Audi A3 and the Ins Co refused a payout on the basis of modifications....I'd foolishly had the weedy standard tired-out brakes replaced with the larger, grooved variety complete with Greenstuff pads and four-pot calipers....step on the middle pedal and stick your eyeballs to the screen, that sort of stopping power.
A strongly worded letter via my legal representative, complete with an engineers report and independent tests of both braking systems soon saw them doing the right thing.
Years later my BMW X5 was stolen with keys. The Police had good forensics and the Albanian gang was caught but sadly the vehicle was long gone.
The bastards took four months to pay me and when they did they tried, unsuccessfully, to chisel me out of around three grand.
That claim we continue to pay for in increased premiums to this day.
Why ? What did I do wrong as a victim of crime ?

"Insurance Companies are all the same - superb to deal with until you claim."
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Old Nov 16th, 2018, 12:42   #12
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Location: Nottingham

Some of the biggest buildings in the centres of the world's business districts are owned by insurance companies.
Paid for out of the profits from all the premium payments we make to them.

To maintain those profits, if an insurance company is forced to pay out, especially after something like a natural disaster (eg, flooding), then instead of saying "well, we've amassed billions in profits over the years, let's take the odd payout on the chin", they increase the premiums we all have to pay in order to maintain the level of their profits and bonuses to shareholders.

To this end they will make every effort to evade having to pay out on claims.

If you think banks are bad, they really have nothing on the "lawful" thievery committed by insurance companies.
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Old Nov 17th, 2018, 17:31   #13
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Interesting, I'd not even considered this on my last car.
Just changed the wheels every year.
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Old Nov 17th, 2018, 21:59   #14
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I understand that insurance companies are commonly considered 'fair game' by many, but some of the above comments do seem unnecessarily harsh upon the industry in general and the OP in particular.

While no one likes paying for something that they feel they may never need, third party insurance is a legal requirement. It is also a truism that the most expensive insurance is the one that you have not got. Insurance premiums vary for many reasons, driver's age, experience, occupation, postcode and so on, as well as the make and model of car driven, to name but a few. It is also a very competitive industry and comparative premiums for a given level of cover may easily be obtained if desired from an internet search.

Let us discuss the merits or otherwise of different tyres by all means, but let us also afford the OP the same courtesy in doing so as we would expect ourselves. I see nothing to cause offense in the original post. I read it as a well-intentioned 'heads up' which we are free to dismiss or accept as we wish.

I would add that I have no connection with the OP or the insurance industry in general, but I do like to see fair play.

Regards, John.
Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana .....
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