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menu access ex30

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Old Feb 12th, 2024, 13:21   #1
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Location: chester
Default menu access ex30

I am very interested in the EX30 twin motor. I like the looks and the power!
However - AutoCar has strongly recommended that you don't buy this car (there is a thread on this somewhere but I can't findit).
They say that trawling through sub menus for simple things like: fog lights / adjusting the wiper speed / adjusting lights and so on - is downright dangerous and could lead to serious accidents.
I have a Tesla M3 which I absolutely love and this car has the ability to place all sub menu icons needed - onto the taskbar at the bottom of the main screen so they can be selected in one move. So no prolonged searching for items with eyes off the road!
So a question for current users please:
1. Can required services (icons) be placed on the main screen front page?
2. IF the answer to 1 is a 'no', how dangerous/time consuming is it trying to locate items via sub menus - on the move?

For me - this could be a make or break decision to buy.

Many thanks in advance.

Oh - another Q!.....Can the rear seats be dropped down to increase boot space!
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Old Feb 19th, 2024, 19:31   #2
volvo 244dls
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Last Online: Feb 19th, 2024 20:29
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Location: Berlin

I had an EX30 last weekend.
The menu is clear and the most important messages are on the front of the display. A sensor for attention is new. You can't switch it off and it beeps as soon as you don't look in the direction of travel for more than four seconds.
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Old Feb 19th, 2024, 19:34   #3
volvo 244dls
New Member

Last Online: Feb 19th, 2024 20:29
Join Date: Aug 2016
Location: Berlin

No, you can't place them anywhere. They follow Volvo's own logic. As I said, the most important settings are directly on the display. Volvo has been preventing all searching in submenus while driving for several years now.
It really takes some getting used to:
- Front and rear windshield wipers via touch buttons on the indicator lever
- Drive mode switch on the right-hand gearshift on the steering wheel.

But once you've driven for a day, you get used to it. I think the leg rest is a bit too short.

Otherwise it drives like a go-kart. Then I got into my XC60. That's in a different league, of course.

Translated with (free version)
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Old Apr 29th, 2024, 20:08   #4
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Last Online: Jun 24th, 2024 20:22
Join Date: Apr 2024
Location: Ilminster
Smile Impressed!!

I've had my twin motor performance for nearly a week now and, generally, am very pleased with it.

It's a completely different concept to my previous vehicle (Leon Cupra ST) but am getting used to it. Being rather senior in years I'm not so quick at adopting modern technology but now only have a few queries for my local Volvo dealer.

Also interesting driving an EV for the first time as I teach Advanced Driving (with the IAM) and the Volvo raises a number of questions in that area.

It will be good when more people get these and I can ask questions on the EX30 specific forum!!

Feel free to ask me any questions about ownership and I'll do my best to answer....
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