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Urgent warning: 240 thefts in south-east

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Old Nov 27th, 2014, 16:28   #41
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I've done the same, it loops below the hinges and I've fitted bullet connectors to make removing the tailgate easier.

Looks untidy, but so does the rest of the car!

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Old Nov 27th, 2014, 18:10   #42
Steve and his 244
AKA ''16 yr old...''
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Well by my reckoning that might happen once every 5 years, and it only 2 cross headed screws and a yank to get the cardboard inner panel off and access the lock manually. So if it does fail, just do that and fix your central locking promptly, or do like Antz says

Thor - 1980 244 R-Sport project and 1989 Graphite grey 240 GLT

Originally Posted by john h
That Steve is a very bad influence.
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Old May 22nd, 2015, 10:14   #43
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that's why i invested in one of these, links the 2 pedals together with hardened pins. several land rovers use them (old ones with the canvas tops) and they noticed a severe drop it thefts on the forums by the ones having one.

Disklok is all fun but it doesn't work on my wooden nardi (they can just stick a bar in the rear adapter and are able to steer it.

But again if they really want it they'll take it one way or another.
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Old May 26th, 2015, 19:37   #44
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The chap just down the road from me had his caravan stolen last year. He was in the garden one day and 4 men in a 4x4 drove by slowly a few times (we live in a cul de sac) and then stopped wound the window down and asked if he wanted to sell it - he said no and they drove off. The following morning it was gone. Parked just outside of his bungalow bedroom and he didn't hear a thing. Had a wheel clamp and tow hitch lock on too. Police weren't interested even though he could give a description of the men and 4x4.

OK not an old car theft but shows how determined criminals can be quite brazen and resourceful.

As for my 240 - I think I will buy a Clutch Claw. At least its a deterrent if nothing else.

1991 240 GL - Auto - Saloon
1998 V40 - 1.8i - Auto

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Old Jul 8th, 2015, 07:56   #45
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Originally Posted by darwins View Post
i remember a similar thing happening with ford granada's years ago.

trackers and alarms are all very good, but sadly these days people dont pay so much attention to alarms going off

if it was me, i would buy a simply toggle switch and hide it somewhere, and use it to break power to a random component. how long is a theif going to hang around and trying to start it?
This is what I do with a 3 way double toggle pole switch, in the off setting I have it powered to a 12V red mini LED that is visible on the dash this also then gives the impression of a upmarket alarm.

Position 1 = Car runs,
2 = Car won't run no flashing LED
3 = Car won't run Flashing Led

I use a switch that is very easy to hide and as mentioned who is going to spend time looking, no good under the bonnet as I splice behind the even the ignition works!
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Old Jul 8th, 2015, 08:03   #46
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Use a switch to divert the ignition supply to a relay that sounds the horn when someone tries to start it.
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Old Aug 2nd, 2016, 22:18   #47
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friends that had old Land Rovers used to take the rotor arm out of the distributor if they were parking somewhere dodgy.

Dave A.

240 SE Auto 1991
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Old Aug 14th, 2017, 11:52   #48

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Default 240 thefts in the South East

This gets intriguing. I found this site by default, but it caught my eye because I have a beautiful 240 which was saved from banger racing by an aficionado who had to pay 1500 to rescue it. The interesting part is that the car was put in for its MoT in Essex by its original owner of 25 years. He was told that it would never pass its MoT on emissions and the garage owner offered him the magic figure of 100 to take it off his hands. It then passed very quickly to a third party, but the Volvo aficionado got to hear about this exceptional car and raced down from the Midlands to rescue it.
It would seem to me that some of these old Volvos are being plucked off the MoT queue, presumably targeting owners who might be more gullible or might not have a sympathy for their 240. I wonder if this matches anyone else's experiences. Strangely enough, living in Exeter, I wasn't aware of this targeted thieving, but a local miscreant quickly spotted my car in the garage, where it is kept locked up and padlocked to boot.
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Old Nov 23rd, 2018, 16:57   #49
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Somebody tried to steal my 240 last night 22/22/2018, didn't succeed so they smashed the windscreen.
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Old Nov 23rd, 2018, 19:07   #50
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Originally Posted by foggyjames View Post
...............The owner has gone to considerable trouble to locate the car, and has almost certainly found a theft 'ring' in the process...and the police are uninterested in doing any more about it. The "new owner" was interviewed, claimed he bought this exceptionally tidy 240 in a pub for 100, and they won't even do him for handling stolen goods (something which initially didn't appear to have even occured to them).........
Originally Posted by rtbcomp View Post
Somebody tried to steal my 240 last night 22/22/2018, didn't succeed so they smashed the windscreen.
Someone did that to a 940 of mine once, but there was no other evidence of an attempted break in.

The purchaser of a stolen vehicle does not acquire good title to it, so it's still yours unless your insurer has paid out for it's loss, in which case, ownership may revert to them upon payment in the absence of any agreement to the contrary.

On the subject of police lack of in interest in recovery of stolen vehicles, I suppose one way, assuming you'd located your stolen car, would be to ask the police to recover it first, and if they refuse, arrange to do it yourself and ask them to attend to prevent a breach of the peace.

It's worth bearing in mind you cannot be guilty of stealing your own property, because simply taking back what's yours does not fit the Theft Act definition.
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