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Steering Rack Rigid Pipes Leaking.

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Old Apr 14th, 2018, 17:23   #11
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Default Very important correction re steering column.

After three days of use both unions into the pinion casting began to leak so I was forced to remove the rack again. When attempting to disconnect the column from the rack pinion I did not completely remove the UJ coupling clamp bolts, as I thought that it was unnecessary, and found that it was not possible to move the coupling up the column to free it from the rack pinion. Upon removing the clamp bolts completely it was possible to move the coupling. So it is necessary to completely remove the clamp bolts.
Sorry for the misinformation in my previous post.
Having removed the rack I removed the rigid pipes again. It appears that the unions on the pinion ends had been shortened too much ( guess at about 2.0 mms.) and were fully screwed in before they had formed a seal between the pipe end and the casting. I also found that the re-used "O" rings had become damaged. Whilst trying to resolve this, what had been a slight kink in the shorter pipe at the 180 degree bend had increased and eventually split.
Back to have some more pipes made up. I've managed to source some new "O" rings but have not yet managed to source the correct size unions. They must fit 1/4" (6.3mms) OD pipe. The original unions are 15.5 mms total length. ( 11.3 mms. from underside of the nut head to the end.)
Taking into account what I have learned about the lower coupling, when I eventually manage to refit the rack I will be clamping the coupling to the pinion then having an assistant pull the steering wheel clear of the switch housings whilst I tighten the clamp onto the column.
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Old May 16th, 2018, 22:04   #12
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Location: Blyth, Northumberland
Default Further update. (and result I hope.)

The third attempt pipes have now been fitted for two weeks and appear to be working as required.
I did manage to source some replacement unions from " Automec", for 1/4 ins. OD pipe, 7/16 x 20 unf, (11 x 1.25 metric), in brass, their code HU14. I telephoned them and the member of staff was kind enough to measure the length of the unions in question from below the nut head to the end of the leader. (13.0 mms.) These are still 1.7 mms too long but may have been satisfactory, however, the local pipe maker had made up another set in cunifer with cut down steel unions so I fitted them with new "O" rings. The unions at the pinion housing which had previously proved a problem were leak free but the unions at the other ends had to be tightened and then re-tightened before they sealed. I then carefully checked that the pipes were not contacting the chassis cross member at any point. As previously mentioned the steering wheel fouled the steering cowling. I tightened the lower UJ onto the pinion then pulled the steering wheel up towards me a few mms. and wedged it there with a couple of rubber wedges between the wheel and the cowling then tightened the UJ on to the lower end of the steering column. To date it is working well.

New pipe, part number 9140941, available to anyone who may have need of it.
When I made initial enquiries with my main dealer to obtain replacement pipes I was informed that the "long" pipe was NLA but that they could supply the "short" pipe. The "short" pipe which they supplied is completely different to either of the pipes on my car but I am assured that it is to fit one of the three types of rack fitted on the 900 series. It is of no use to me but if it is of some use to anyone please let me know.
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Old Jun 27th, 2018, 14:34   #13
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Default Just a test.

I've been trying to post another reply on someone else's thread and being told it is "forbidden from this server", so will it let me add a reply here.
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