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700/900 Series General Forum for the Volvo 740, 760, 780, 940, 960 & S/V90 cars

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Old Apr 19th, 2018, 20:56   #11
Dirty Rooster
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Originally Posted by dingov70 View Post
As a aside to MOT testing , bounce testing of shocks is NOT allowed or prescribed in testmanual

See a tester doing so , ask them to produce the manual & explain where it says bounce the car
I watch the guys MOTing my car every time and I would take the **** out of them if they "bounce tested" the back of my car!
This year the 940 failed but the tie rods have been living on borrowed time for at least two years, so fair do's.
Passed last Thursday, another year of VOLVO POWER as my wife calls it.
1993 2.0 Turbo SE with 1991 2.0 Turbo engine.
Older is better!
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Old Apr 21st, 2018, 00:03   #12
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Originally Posted by Laird Scooby View Post
Even when Nivos work properly, they still don't self-level :

Land Rover developed a self-levelling rear suspension using the "Boge Hydromat" self-energising hydraulic strut.[13]

Of similar construction to a hydraulic shock absorber the strut used the motion of the suspension travelling over bumps to pump itself back up to a pre-set height. It was sufficiently powerful to regain up to 85% of normal ride height with a full load over the rear axle, and had the advantage of requiring no external power source or a dedicated hydraulic system in the vehicle.

That is extracted from this :

My point is that the Nivos only get to a certain level, they don't actually return the ride height to normal. To me, that isn't self-leveling suspension and isn't worth the extra money.

I'd rather spend 20 on a pair of those "Rubber Donuts" better known as Grayston Coil Spring Assisters :

Each to their own! I'm just glad they've stopped making Nivos and nobody can repair them - there are better options these days that are probably nearly as cheap as Nivos and will get the ride height where it should be such as air-bags (not those IEDs built into the steering wheel, dash etc) and so on.
Thats the thing I was on about on Rangey Classics and 110 CSWs.
Total waste of time, never ever ever drove 1 ( and there was plenty) where it actually works.
Heavy duty springs and decent shocks beats any self levelling crap any day!
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