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[UK] 2007/07 C70 II SE Geartronic advice sought

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Old Jan 14th, 2018, 23:21   #11
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Originally Posted by iainmd View Post
If you're concerned about lights try to find a C70 with factory Xenons in the first place.
Hi there,

Thanks for your input in addition to other contributors. I bought the car in late July 17 and I wasn't aware that Xenon lights for the 2007/07 C70 II D5 SE was available, but since you've mentioned it, the prices are staggering if my limited research results are correct, so I was thinking on the lines of sourcing an LED kit via a well known auction site should such a product be available for the make/model I own, so again, I'm relying on others to guide me in order to make an informed decision, but it's on my 'to do' list, but I've found a vendor who makes bespoke floor mats of various thickness, mat and edge trim colours.

I was somewhat surprised that there isn't a rubber moulded boot liner, and in addition, the design of the boot allows water to drip into the boot after it's rained, which for any car shouldn't happen. Do other C70 II owners have the same issue?

It only dawned on me today that the glove box has a lock. Does anyone know if the key is a generic type that works with all C70 II cars or if they're individual? I appreciate that it sounds like I'm being picky, but it's not my intention as it's all on my 'need to know' list so I can follow-up at a later time.

A lot to learn, but I'm grateful for the information provided thus far and maybe one day I can press the two switches that will allow the car to morph into the form that we bought it for, and it'll give me the excuse to fit the new wind deflector as well which I ordered from Germany a few days ago for under £90.00 (delivered).
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Old Jan 15th, 2018, 00:25   #12

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The DRL software module can only be downloaded using a legit subscription to VIDA, volvo’s Diagnostic software... module has to be purchased, and dealers charge labor for installing it as well... the point made above about dealers being unable or unwilling to do it is valid.

The water flow into the boot is one of those c70 things... I keep a small squeegee and a synthetic chamois drying cloth under my seat for that and the complimentary shower entering and exiting the vehicle in rain due to the lack of guttering above the door.

The glovebox is locked by the metal key insert in the key fob.. maybe not absolutely unique, but cut for your vehicle, not generic... a quarter turn locks the glovebox, a further turn enables ‘valet’ mode which locks the door compartments, back seat fold down thingy and disables the fob boot unlock... you can then give the fob to the parking valet taking the key insert with you so the valet cannot access the boot, glove box or door compartments... although those compartments are just strong enough to keep honest folk out, certainly no protection for anything valuable....

The key can also be used to unlock the boot manually using the keyhole hidden in a slot in the carpet behind the drivers side passengers legs... I say drivers side, because it is on the left on my US model... not sure whether it’s moved on an RHD.

They are getting better, but pretty much everyone I know who has tried any LED headlight replacement sooner or later does admit that even if they might look better, they’re really useless for seeing with.

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Old Jan 15th, 2018, 09:29   #13
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Thanks Ian and Iain for the service light resetting guide, easy when you know how!!

Just my opinion, please don't shoot me if it doesn't match yours!
2011 C70 D3 and JZR 3 wheeler
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Old Jan 15th, 2018, 10:28   #14
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Originally Posted by Sonolta View Post
This has me a little bit puzzled. Is there a URL where the software module you've mentioned can be downloaded from, and is there a 'how to' guide so the software can be integrated with the car in order to turn off the DRL?

On this forum, it says the code is: 30679690 but there's no mention about how this was applied. The URL provided is a USA site which I have no connection with in any shape or form and is simply for reference only.
The software has to be downloaded and applied to the car by a Volvo dealer, or possibly an independent with a full subscription to the VIDA software. No-one else can access the downloads. The code number you've got there is Volvo's part number for the DRL download.

On UK cars, the glovebox lock may have the 180° position available but it won't do anything extra in that position if valet locking (or whatever it was called) wasn't specced as an option or standard for the model year. My '08 one was a case in point. On the '12 one the lock only goes to 90°.

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Old Jan 15th, 2018, 10:31   #15
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Most people that tried LED conversions, as mentioned above, give up and back it out. The projector lenses don't distribute light well from LED bulbs so what you end up with is an ill-defined beam pattern.

Retrofitting Xenons can be done with an aftermarket kit and a number of people have done that. The legality of doing that is debatable as your existing lights are almost sure not to have self-levelling and may not have a cleaning system. Those that have fitted aftermarket kits can probably pitch in here.

I simply fitted up-rated bulbs, adjusted the beam level and cleaned the reflectors and that made sufficient difference for me. Osram Nightbreaker Plus/Unlimited/Laser are all good.
Present: 2009 Volvo V50 1.6D DRIVe SE, Saville Grey.

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Old Jan 15th, 2018, 14:03   #16

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Originally Posted by Proghound View Post

On UK cars, the glovebox lock may have the 180° position available but it won't do anything extra in that position if valet locking (or whatever it was called) wasn't specced as an option or standard for the model year. My '08 one was a case in point. On the '12 one the lock only goes to 90°.
Makes sense - can’t ever remember encountering a parking valet until I moved across to this side of the pond anyway
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Old Jan 15th, 2018, 18:52   #17
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Originally Posted by iainmd View Post
Service Indicator Reset
1. Press and hold trip odometer reset button
2. Turn ignition key to run position KPII
3. Wait 30 seconds or until service light begins blinking
4. Release Trip Odometer button
5. Turn ignition to off position
You can reset the "Time for regular service" message with the above procedure but the subsequent "Book time for service" which comes along some time after you can't, or at least mine wouldn't reset & was a dealer visit to reset it

2008 C70 D5 SE Lux Nav Geartronic
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Old Jan 15th, 2018, 20:32   #18
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Just my two penneth....

With regard the DRL's - the software costs around £15 I think then you will probably need 30 mins of dealer time so total cost around £70 I guess. It's quite a common process and I don't see why the dealer would not want to apply a Volvo factory software option that they can order just like any other part. Just to clarify the law - DRL's became mandatory for all cars being submitted for type approval post 2011, so there are many newer cars that don't have them. They are not part of the statutory vehicle lighting system and not a testable item on the MOT (unless they are the wrong colour etc.)

With regard to the headlamps, the best way to improve them is to replace the reflectors, further gains can be had by installing a HID kit in combination with an appropriate reflector. There are a few articles on here about it. LED's rarely work well in these lamps, neither does just fitting a HID kit.

With regard to chipping - the D5 engine in the Ford platform (30,40,50,70) was de-tuned slightly for cooling limitations and as has been pointed out is torque limited in 1st & 2nd to stay within the design limits of the gearbox. Most remaps remove this limit, you do see a few D5's on e-bay as "spares or repair" due to failed gearboxes so beware.
2008 XC70 D5 SE Sport NAV, 2007 V50 2.0D SE, 2003 XC90 D5 SE, 1997 Land Rover Discovery 300Tdi (special extra rusty edition), 1977 Triumph Spitfire 1500
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c70 2007, cd changer, headlight bulbs, remapping, service indicator reset

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