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LPG, CNG & LNG - General Info and Issues Share experiences and problems

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FAQ Faults & Tips for factory Volvo Bifuel LPG / CNG

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Old Feb 7th, 2019, 15:32   #31
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Default Q about CNG leakege and poor start?

Originally Posted by CNGBiFuel View Post
Here’s an FAQ for factory Bifuel Volvos and after-market conversions running LPG / CNG.[/B

3) Poor starting on Petrol is often a worn regulator diaphragm.
There’s is a bubble test. Details later.

That’s enough for today. I’ll do more faults later. Please put you queries to another post


Hi, there! Sorry that i write you here but I'm new here and not oriented where to ask.
I have CNG leakage from some time and not always. Usualy happens when i fillup my car on the max. Yesterday my neighbour knock on my door and said that there is a strange noise from my car. When I open the engine tray there was a leakage (shown on pic) from the regulator and the noise like relay or valve which is switching on and off quickly. The other problem is that my car loosing cooling fluid and often poor starts. Sometimes very easy sometimes after 5-10 seconds. Is there any relation betwen these things?
Do you have any idea what can I do?
Thantks in advance
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Old Feb 12th, 2019, 00:37   #32
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Please don't clog this thread. Will do at some point. I've not time to write a post on regulator set-ups now.
Bifuel V70 Classic 1999 [The Old Grumpy in the Corner, "When I was a lad... blah, bl**dy blah."]
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Old Jan 14th, 2020, 21:19   #33
viejos deportivos
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Default Problem at 3/4 of deposit

Good afternoon,
I am Julio B. Leis from Bilbao in northern Spain.
I have a small collection of Volvos including the classic coupes models. P1800, AMAZON, 262C, 780.
Every day I drive a V70 bifuel from 2005, which I bought second-hand with 340,000km in Germany.
The car was very well maintained but I had problems in the gas system (green necam) I have been solving them thanks to its magnificent teachings related in this forum. I have changed the regulator that had leaks in the membranes, I have changed spark plugs and coils, I have cleaned the throttle butterfly and the car is going really well. But a few weeks ago a problem appeared.
When the gas tank reaches the area between 3/4 and 1/2 the car cuts off the ignition and stops without automatically switching to petrol. When I start it, the starter turns a lot because there is gas in the combustion chambers. The car starts in petrol mode and stops again when the gas is connected. I have tried several times, accelerating the engine or switching to driving gas mode over 100Km / h and it stops. The next day when the engine is started, the gas is switched on automatically and no longer gives any problem until all the gas in the tank is spent. This situation has been repeated in the last three gas refueling. Always between 3/4 and 1/2 deposit.
I think it is a problem related to the tank opening valve that sends some signal that causes the ignition to be cut.
Thanking your interest I ask for advice on this problem.
Kind Regards
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