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Adrian Flux Insurance Services 15% discount for Volvo Club

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Old Aug 10th, 2017, 07:21   #51
VOC Member
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Location: Richmond N Yorks

Got three volvos , one learner and one twenty year old, can you be competitive ?
previously held: V40 TD & S40 2ltr P1,V40 P2 sport lux, V70 XC P1, XC70 P2, V70 D5 P2 and P3,Heather the T4
currently held: V70R, C30 R Design, V70 P3 D5.
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Old Aug 10th, 2017, 20:43   #52

Last Online: May 19th, 2018 20:23
Join Date: Aug 2012
Location: King's Lynn

We can certainly have a look at it for you. If you wanted to PM me some contact details I'd be happy to arrange for one of my quotes team to give you a call back.
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Old Aug 11th, 2017, 14:31   #53
VOC Member

Last Online: Today 02:33
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Location: Edinburgh

Seeing as we all love to share a horror story...

I'll buck the trend, been insured with Flux for about 8 years over a variety of cars from standard, utter garbage to modified stuff and always found them to be spot on to be fair... granted some days are better than others but that's life and I accept that but in terms of attitude, knowledge and prices (for me) I've not had anything to whine about.

Currently have all three cars insured, think I've probably paid for their CEO's holiday this year and the office Christmas party but such is life... all three insured for a reasonable sum, no buggering about with the policy set up and they do what they say they will and come renewal are always happy to match / do the best they can. Dear say I could save a bit tenner here or there but I can't be bothered trawling the internet for days or playing off 27 companies to save 76p.

To be honest, I'd sooner pay a bit more and speak to pleasant people who actually sound like they care, want to help and get the job done right than speak to somebody who really doesn't care... probably the main reason I've continued to give them my business since Jesus was a lad.

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Old Nov 11th, 2017, 08:42   #54
Master Member

Last Online: Apr 21st, 2018 19:20
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: London / Glasgow

I guess you don't want my business then?

I've been using Chris Knott to get insurance for the last 4 years. After a renewal price rise last year and again this year, I decided it was time to shop around - so I came to these forums and saw the Adrian Flux advert.

I phoned up on Wednesday, spoke to a nice chap, but at the end what I can only describe as "pressure selling" began - the quote was only 10 cheaper, then it became 30 cheaper after a quick check with a manager, with the usual "it's a live systems so prices will change" and every trick in the book. As we discussed the detail of the policy, it seemed to be poorer cover in every way - higher excess, higher windscreen excess, windscreen repair charges etc. to the extent there might not be any savings at all.

I drive lots of miles each year including to rural Devon, and have had to claim for windscreen and also had someone drive into the back of me (thankfully no-fault claim so their insurer settled, but, the potential was there). The level of cover and detail is therefore important to me - I asked if the details of the policy could be sent to me. Then I got a spiel about "why don't you put a deposit down today, it's free to cancel if you do so before the start date? That'll give you time to read the policy docs". Funnily enough no, I'm not going to sign up to something without reading the small print for cancellation terms.

The chap did agree to send me the details - but sadly they've never arrived. He asked when he could call me back and I said late on Friday, he confirmed he'd be working until 7pm and would call - no call back arrived.

Am I unique in wanting to know the detail of what I'm purchasing before I buy? If so, I apologise for the fact that having a law degree, previously managing a legal practice, and now working for a company that sells high quality insurance (sadly don't cover cars with modifications) means I want to know the detail of what I'm buying. But I honestly haven't experienced such an old-fashioned 'hard sell' and reluctance to share details of what you want me to buy in years. I can only assume I wouldn't be very impressed when I saw the detail, hence the reluctance to share.
2013 Volvo S60 - Black Sapphire D3 (with Polestar - 163bhp) Business Edition with Winter Pack & DAB.
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Old Nov 11th, 2017, 20:31   #55

Last Online: May 19th, 2018 20:23
Join Date: Aug 2012
Location: King's Lynn

I'm sorry to hear about your experience with ourselves. I'd be more than happy to pass your comments on to training manger regarding this. I would appreciate it if you would be so kind as to forward me your details so he has something to reference.
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Old Jan 31st, 2018, 18:53   #56
New Member

Last Online: Jan 31st, 2018 21:16
Join Date: Jan 2018
Location: Dorchester
Default just insured

I've just insured with Adrian Flux a couple of days ago, wonder if i can still get the 15% off even though I've already accepted
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Old Feb 1st, 2018, 10:15   #57

Last Online: May 19th, 2018 20:23
Join Date: Aug 2012
Location: King's Lynn

Originally Posted by spacesickrat View Post
I've just insured with Adrian Flux a couple of days ago, wonder if i can still get the 15% off even though I've already accepted
Hi there,

Our staff will usually ask if you are part of an owners club / forum. However, if you wished to PM your full name / postcode I can double-check to see if we have applied the club discount?


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Old Mar 1st, 2018, 20:11   #58
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Location: White Horse

Legalise daylight rubbery. You would not even know if you got a discount.
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Old May 7th, 2018, 13:16   #59
The Thong
VOC Member
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Location: The Independent Republic of Leamington Spa

Hello Dan,

I have a V60 Cross Country 2.4 D4, what kind of increase would I be looking at if I had a Polestar upgrade done?


Gunna max out on seaside for 2018

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