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V40 (64 plate) Engine cracked

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Old Apr 10th, 2019, 13:32   #31
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Originally Posted by Clan View Post
Don't assume anything , these engines are prone to water pump leaks , look for green stains around the bottom of the water pump or on the engine below the pump ...
I'll definitely do this.
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Old Jul 30th, 2019, 18:07   #32
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Location: LYON
Default Similar issue with Volvo V40 D2 2013 110 000 km

Hi I am from France and I have same issue as you on my Volvo V40 D2 Eco.
In French forums I don't read that much about V40s but I remember you have more Volvos in UK than us... So just a look on Google and I found your stories !

Quick story for mine :
Volvo V40 D2 1,6 110 000K (more than you...) Eco (No temperature reading)
- V40 alarm : coolant low
- Stop
- Open coolant : coolant is boiling
- Go Volvo saying : I think I have problem with head gasket
- Volvo answer : No
- Riding : problem again
- Go Volvo : I think I have problem with head gasket
- Volvo answer : No
- Riding again : problem again
- Go Volvo : I think I have problem with head gasket
- Volvo answer : No
- Me : Ok, so please try to check if you find some water in the oil
- Volvo : Hi sir, we found some water in your oil, you have problem with head gasket. Plus, your cylinder is cracked.

It may be a good idea to gather our stories.

Could you please give your mileage, car year, motorisation and final diagnostic of garagist ?

Thx for ur answers

(btw Sorry if I did not introduce myself in the forum, I assume this has to be done but I don't where)
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Old Aug 1st, 2019, 18:17   #33
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Location: Marlborough
Default Similar problem - engine cracked on XC60/coolant issues

I'm new to this forum but been having serious issues with our XC60 2014 of which sound similar to others on here. I am hoping someone can offer some advice.....

We purchased our XC60 in January*2018*through a non-Volvo dealer with great expectations of a safe and reliable vehicle for our family, but boy were we wrong!*

We've just heard from our mechanic who has told us the engine block has cracked and we need a new engine! It's a 5 year old vehicle and done less than 70,000 miles - I am horrified. We had issues with the coolant tank and pipes in February*2018 shortly after we bought it which was covered by the warranty purchased through the dealer.

All was fine until this June when the car wouldn't start, and later showed warning lights for engine coolant levels. Coolant had exploded out of the tank and gone everywhere,*we topped it up and nursed it to our local trusted garage who we have used for nearly 20 years. They told us the head gasket had gone but on further inspection the engine block has cracked! I was gobsmacked and so was our mechanic. He spoke to someone at Volvo*UK who was also shocked because apparently this "never happens".

Having now done some research online regarding this issue, it actually does happen and I've found several cases where engines have overheated due to coolant problems. So why have they not been recalled and faulty parts replaced? If we had known about this common issue we could have done something about it before we got to this point, but we are now facing a whopping bill!*

A subsequent call was made to Volvo UK by our mechanic to follow up on what they would suggest. The response was basically that it was out of their hands.*I have now contacted them directly and told as we bought the car, serviced and maintained outside of Volvo there's nothing they can do.

Surely they have a responsibility to owners if parts are faulty!
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Old Aug 14th, 2019, 13:41   #34
Aziz Unal
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Default Coolant issue third time

[QUOTE=Oeildetaupe;2540642]Hi I am from France and I have same issue as you on my Volvo V40 D2 Eco.
In French forums I don't read that much about V40s but I remember you have more Volvos in UK than us... So just a look on Google and I found your stories !



I had the same problem twice. The third one is on the way. At first, the engine of the car was replaced with new one at 34.000km. At the second year of my car, I had the message on the dashboard saying that “coolant level low”. When I immediately checked the coolant level, which show me it was just below minimum. After that, I took the car to service and they just added water. This visit was not registered in the service. One year later after I took the warning for coolant level, I had the same message. At that time, the technical people in the service told me it was probably related to cylinder block and the engine needed to be replaced. Luckily, there was 3 months left to be out of warranty. I escaped huge cost and proceeded with the replacement of the engine.

I had the same warning “cooling level low” at 59.000km and visited the service 30.04.2018. Service did not find anything related to external factor and told me that they needed to remove the cylinder head on the condition that I had to accept 50% of the cost which would occur during the repair including replacement or repair of the engine. Because the warranty expired. The funny part is that Turkey Branch Volvo Turkiye presented the cost share as courtesy. This was the most disrespectful and unfair act I have ever seen and I did not buy it. At the and, they offered to replace the engine free of charge on the condition that I would sign a waiver of notice indicating that I would never make a claim on any defect related to the car. After having talked to my lawyer, I signed it. Also, I did not think it would happen third time.

Unfortunately, I had a warning saying that oil level was low two days ago at 74.000km. It is the same as my previous issue. It started with the "low oil.After a couple of months, I had the warning for coolant.

As soon as I checked the level of oil, I noticed that the level was normal but the viscosity is very high. Also there was a decrease in the level of coolant when comparing to the level one month ago. I think there is a water in the oil due to the leakage. I will probably have warning for coolant in the forthcoming days.

The most important point for me to learn about permanent solution. Otherwise, I have to pay once in a year to have my car repaired. It is obvious that it is not a solution to replace the engine. By the way, I read that installing a new exhaust manifold gasket was a solution. But, this is not case. A new one was installed prior to my second issue.Nevertheless, the same problem occured twice after the installation.

As a result, I do not believe that Volvo take a responsibility free of charge and will ask me to pay huge cost. Accordingly, I will go to a service except Volvo and I will have my car repaired. I kindly ask you to share your solutions if there is one applied to your car.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Old Sep 18th, 2019, 16:55   #35
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Default Same issue Volvo V40 D2 2013 60k mile

My Volvo V40 D2 2013 crosscountry was diagnosed with a cracked engine last week. Started 2 months ago with the coolant level warning, topped up seemed ok for couple months then the engine temperature warning came on. Mechanic told me engine was finished and will need replaced. Only done 60k miles and Volvo couldn't care less.
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Old Nov 25th, 2019, 18:14   #36
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Location: BOLTON

I am having a similar problem. Volvo V40 2014 diesel 1.6 - bought just 1 year ago from a local used car dealership (just 36,000 miles on the clock). First got the coolant warnings (which I responded to by checking / topping up), then a week or so ago I got the engine overheating message, combined with the failure of the internal heating system (not great in winter!).

I purchased an extended warranty and service plan, so the car has been serviced since I bought it, and was serviced by the previous owner.

Car is now back at the dealership while they appraise the problem and in the meantime I have no car to drive after paying thousands for the car and just one year of ownership.
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