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Towing and Caravan Topics A forum for all towing/caravanning related topics

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Towbar Condition

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Old Sep 5th, 2020, 23:51   #11
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Originally Posted by Dibble View Post
I am led to believe that we must not grease the ball.
I always grease my balls. Makes for a smoother coupling...
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Old Sep 6th, 2020, 01:43   #12
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Originally Posted by Tannaton View Post
I always grease my balls. Makes for a smoother coupling... obvious...but still made me smile.

No grease on the ball matron!

OP...a light going over with wire wool or sandpaper and then paint the stalk (stop sniggering at the back) with Hammerite or an equivalent and you are good to go. You can smear the ball (off we go again!) with a light coating of grease to keep it from rusting but this MUST be removed before towing.
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Old Sep 6th, 2020, 19:32   #13
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I have had the Volvo fitted removable tow bar fitted from new. I have never removed it as up until recently used it regularly towing to shows throughout the year. It is still on as I write and looks as good as when fitted. Car trailer is a greased ball, caravan a dry ball so brake cleaner cleaned in between. Never had a problem so I am mystified as to what has caused you tow ball erosion. I await with interest others who have had similar corrosion.
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Old Sep 7th, 2020, 16:14   #14
green van man
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Originally Posted by 60041 View Post
The ball on my tow bar does rust like that as well if it has not been used for a couple of months or so.
It is easily cleaned up with a bit of coarse wire wool, but I have now taken to wiping the ball with a bit of light grease after use.
This is not a problem if I am using the trailer next time, but I have to remember to clean it off with some thinners on a rag if I am going to tow the caravan.
Be very careful of the paint work if useing thinners. I have seen a single drop eat through lacour and Base coat to the undercoat before my eyes. No hope of wiping it far too fast.
Brake cleaner or panel wipe is a safer option with today's water based paints.

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