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Swapping the Stereo on a V50

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Old Oct 13th, 2021, 19:00   #1
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Default Swapping the Stereo on a V50

Recently bought a 2010 R design V50 as a first car, but upon receiving the car realized it has the bottom spec sound system. No aux jack, no USB ports, CD and radio is all I've got.

I'm pretty much exclusively gonna use Bluetooth to stream from my phone, so was hoping to be able to get something semi-permanent set up via an aux cable, but as the car doesn't have that that's not an option, as well as this I've seen a couple of videos of inline Bluetooth adapters for the Volvo head unit but all rely on being able to switch to "aux" as an input source.

So my question is, is it possible to just swap the whole unit from a different car in? There are a few scrap yards around me breaking v50s of a range of years, is there anything that'd cause problems if I swap the whole centre console over from one of those cars? I'm sure physically it'd fit, but is there any software issues that'd get in my way?

In the meantime I've settled for a Bluetooth FM transmitter, which does the job, but is by no means ideal, and definitely not the permanent solution I'd like.

I'd also love to get the trip computer added, though this seems to be something you've got to go via a dealer to get, and can be ludicrously expensive.

Honestly thought these features would be standard for the R Design models, but it seems not!

Thanks very much.
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Old Oct 13th, 2021, 20:10   #2
Missing Lincs
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I think you'll find that changing the audio isn't an option.

Physically you can change but even that isn't simple. The base audio has an integrated amp, the higher versions have a separate amp in the rear. The speakers are probably the easiest things to swap over.

When I at doing similar on our 2008 I found that even the wiring looms for the different audio specs are different.

You are correct about software too, you'll need the correct software for which ever version you change to, even installing a new radio of the same level of audio system needs software.

If you really want higher spec audio I would suggest you sell the car and get one that comes with the audio system you want.

Edit: The same goes for the trip computer, get a car with it already activated.

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Old Oct 13th, 2021, 21:39   #3
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look up xander designs on youtube this may be of interest to you
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Old Oct 13th, 2021, 22:26   #4
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I had one of these fitted and a Pure Highway 400. The modulator hardwires in so there's no hiss or interference (only time there's any issue is when the Highway itself loses signal).

The Pure controller fits nicely in the cupholder (didn't like it stuck on the dash). Its not the most elegant system for streaming but it works fine - I only stopped doing it because i found I could stream directly via the car.

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Old Oct 14th, 2021, 17:26   #5
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POSSIBLE options
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head unit, stereo, swap, v50

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