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V40 T2 engine idling - generally loud or a concern?

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Old Sep 19th, 2019, 18:57   #1
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Default V40 T2 engine idling - generally loud or a concern?


I've got a 67 plate T2 with just under 12k on the clock. I've always found the engine idling to be quite loud for a petrol. Is this just common with the T2's? I know this is quite a broad question but I think the best I could describe it as is 'tappetty'.

However, in the last few days something concerning has started intermittently when at idle. There seems to be a knock of some sort coming from the engine. Again, I know this could be absolutely anything but I am wondering if owners have encountered similar symptoms on the way to something more severe.

The car is booked in next Friday so I may get an answer from the dealer.

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Old Sep 24th, 2019, 07:27   #2
volvo for ever
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Hi they are very common for balance shafts bearing noisy .
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Old Oct 4th, 2019, 15:25   #3
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I have the same feeling, but I suspect it's not only Volvo. In general, my impression is that all the "new" petrol engines, working with relatively "lean mixture", they do not work as smoothly as the "classic" atmospheric petrol engines from before the downsizing+turbo trend started.

On the other hand, the fuel consumption is lower, of course... and the turbo makes the overall performance pretty good.
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Old Oct 4th, 2019, 15:32   #4
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Last Online: Oct 16th, 2019 08:31
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Location: Watford

I'm not sure you could describe the 2 litre T2 as being downsized. It's one of the reasons I chose it.

Only 9K on mine, but I would describe it as very quiet and smooth. Very happy with it so far!
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Old Oct 10th, 2019, 12:33   #5
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Last Online: Oct 10th, 2019 12:40
Join Date: Sep 2019
Location: Inverness

I agree on the new petrol engines comment. My father had a 66 plate 1 series and that was not as quiet as I remember engines of old being.

Anyway, an update on my problem.

I've just got the car back from the dealership and after a couple of days they found it to be loose air-con pipe mountigs at the back of the engine causing the rattle. This was more noticeable when the car was parked nose down.

Hopefully that's the end of the matter now because overall the car has been great, and I cant fault the dealership (Inverness) in this case who have been excellent
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