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Thinking of purchasing a Volvo C70, help needed

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Old Aug 10th, 2017, 05:48   #1
New Member

Last Online: Aug 14th, 2017 07:38
Join Date: Aug 2017
Location: Nottingham
Question Thinking of purchasing a Volvo C70, help needed

Hello Volvo forum,

I'm here today because I am looking into treating myself to a 2013 C70 and I thought it's best to come speak to the pros first.

I remember when I was younger the Police around Nottingham would drive around in T5's and the raw power used to surprise me. Then as the years have gone on the design has gone with time and become more modern to make the C70 even more appealing all I really need from you guys is some reassurance.

What are you guys experiences with the Volvo C7o in terms of maintenance? anything that is known for going failing? and then pretty much anything else you can share with me. I will place some specs below of what I have my eye on.

Make: Volvo
Model: C70 T5
Year: 2013
Engine: 2.6L
Transmission: Automatic
Mileage: 73,000

If there is anything else you guys need please let me know and I will get back to you asap.

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Old Aug 10th, 2017, 06:33   #2
volvo for ever
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Location: uk


rattles ,water ingress,roof stops working next summer after not being used for 6 months ,
window lifts wires breaking ,this is my opinion

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Old Aug 10th, 2017, 08:02   #3

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Location: Ipswich


T5 is a great engine, cool roof mechanism. Bargain convertible compared to E class etc. As you might be able to tell its a marmite car. I love 'em.

2013 model well sorted, so probably best of the range. Styling less aggressive than early models but that was Volvo's market at the time.

As for buying a convertible, I would say do it if the roof coming off is the most important feature of the car. If not, get a saloon and a sunroof! There certainly are compromises you have to live with in a C70 (rattles definitely being one of them!).

Keep the roof and seals well maintained, door locks lubricated, gearbox oil changed and the mechanicals are very reliable. Dampers work hard, so might need changing at 90K onwards.
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Old Aug 10th, 2017, 08:29   #4
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Last Online: May 20th, 2018 12:18
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Location: Torquay

Had mine for about 18 months now. And I love it, mine is 11 years old, I get no water ingress yet, though I do service the roof seals to stop them drying out (possibly helps, previous owner told me to do it).! Here are things to consider.

Doors are long and wide - require a fair amount of space to open comfortably (you will struggle in stingy car parks).

Turning circle isnt great, about 12m? (a old ford focus is about 10m i think)

Has one of the biggest boots for convertibles.

Has the best boot lid of any convertible (its not a tiny lid, its the same dimension as the actual boot!)

Has a boot access button in the boot, for when the roof is down. (I can put a pram in the boot, whilst the roof is down by pressing this button!)

T5 is where its at! Lovely engine, lovely noise, good amount of power! (even better with a custom exhaust / remap)

What to get:
Make sure it has a windbreaker for the rear, or buy one when you get it, else the turbulence created in the back will blow up the front, causing a chill on your arms.
Smarttop roof module - allows you to control the roof with yours keys, whilst the car is moving (you can adjust the speed) and a few other things. (really useful when walking to the car with a child in my arms, just press the unlock 3 times, roof goes down, and easy access to put a child in, did i mention the official volvo windbreaker has a zip up hole that basically gives you access to put a child through it into their seat!

If i think of anything else, I will let you know!
Volvo c70 T5 Se Lux Stage 1 280bhp 335ft/lb Torque

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Old Aug 10th, 2017, 08:39   #5
Volvo S40
domhart10's Avatar

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Location: Truro

I cannot comment on the C70 but have a T5 and its well worth getting. Just make sure it has been well looked after as these cars need a bit more TLC. So a good service history, preferably with the dealers is a must.

Depending on the mileage you do, you might soon need a timing belt at that mileage some get them done between 80k - 110k, usually 80k if anything has been moded.

If you are only after the convertible then obviously the C70 but if its more the driving because they all have similar front end's I would look towards the C30 or the S40. S40 has a lot more space.

Good luck
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Old Aug 10th, 2017, 16:49   #6
Volvo and Audi owner
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Location: Leighton Buzzard

The MkII C70 is a fantastic car, I'm on my second one. A lot of late-model ones from 2012 onwards had all the big optional extras thrown in for very little cost with the SE Lux 'Solstice' edition, so you get a really nice interior with all the toys.

That said, if you're after a late-model T5 auto you'd better be prepared for 305 per annum road tax and no more than 30mpg on average. And unless you know someone who's selling one, you'll wait a loooooonnnnggg time for one to come up, I'm not sure that the T5 was even available all the way up to the end of production in June 2013.

Then, at 1 tons, there's just too much car for it to handle sportily and it will likewise blunt the edge of the T5's power delivery, as will the auto-box. It's more of a wafty cruiser, and suits a diesel automatic well, which is probably why most of the later ones were D3's. Take it easy and enjoy the toys!

The ride on the 18" rims is noticeably harsher than on the 17". 3000 miles on them in mine on my usual cross-country commute has seen it go from completely quiet to somewhat rattly around the roof, despite me keeping the seals lubricated.

Watch out for suspension issues, shockers as mentioned (on my old C70 at 77k they were about done!), but also broken springs, rattling ARB drop-links, and the rear bushes of the front wishbones (these are the main suspect if you get wobble under braking). Check the roof hydraulic rams aren't weeping, they're a 500 part and pretty much Volvo-dealer only to supply & fit. The air-con condensers are a weakness, they're Ford units and likely to need replacement by 6-7 years old, another 350-400 and that's for a pattern part at an independent garage.

Do post back up with any further questions you get about the particular car you're looking at

Current: 2012 C70 D3 SE Lux Solstice Geartronic, Caspian Blue.
Also: 2002 Audi A2 TDI SE, Crystal Blue
Previous: 2008 C70 D5 SE manual, Flint Grey.

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Old Aug 10th, 2017, 18:47   #7
1st time Volvo owner
Baxlin's Avatar

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Location: Tring

About the windbreak, yes, get one but the instructions say specifically that you should not have ANY (my caps) passenger in the rear seat with the windbreak fitted.

Can't comment on the T5, but the rest of the C70 I can. Yes, service the roof seals, and the door locks.

Once in the rear seats, they are very comfortable, and from my research before buying, the best legroom of any folding hardtop vert, in fact a full 4seater. Not tried a pram in the boot, but we have had a large hold-all and various other small bags, certainly enough for a week's holiday under the boot separator.

I do miss the remote roof opening described in an earlier post, which I had it on a Saab 93vert, and I don't think this is standard, (mine's an SE Lux), or even Volvo, but available aftermarket.

Yes, there are a few rattles, even on my 33000 miler, but I haven't noticed any scuttle shake, and the rattles are more obvious with the top up. So put it down!

I'd say go for it, as with windbreak and windows up, and top down, there's very little wind disturbance. So at least on mine, if it's not raining and I'm on my own, the top's down, be it July or January. Look at it like this, motorcyclists ride all year round!!
Just my opinion, please don't shoot me if it doesn't match yours!
2011 C70 D3 and JZR 3 wheeler

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Old Aug 10th, 2017, 20:11   #8
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Location: Chatham

Had ours 2 years now, no water ingress here, in the interior or the boot. Occasional rattles from the roof when it's up, yes lol. As has been mentioned the suspension takes a pounding as it's quarter of a ton heavier than the car it's based on, the S40, we've had to replace the coil springs all round as they've all broken at some point. Also the aircon condenser is a weak point (so check that the A/C blows cold) & the rechargeable battery in the alarm siren module (alarm will sound for no reason when car is locked). Other than that it's been the usual consumables, front brake discs, pads & tyres. They're not really a driver's car, more of a top-down cruiser, although with the T5 obviously you've got the oomph

2008 C70 D5 SE Lux Nav Geartronic

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Old Aug 11th, 2017, 07:25   #9
Master Member

Last Online: May 13th, 2018 22:41
Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: Cardiff

Have covered about 80k in 3 years in my 2008 D5 C70 and overall very pleased with it. Rattles and knocks seem to be a given with these. They are reasonably heavy on suspension components, but with our crap roads most cars need a suspension refresh at 90-100k anyway. I don't think it's unusually heavy on suspension parts really.

I'd certainly go for a '08 MY plate onwards car with the slightly different centre console, they sorted most of the early bugs with a minor facelift and improved the cars noticeably. Personally I'm not keen on the look of the 2010 onwards facelifted cars but I'd have one anyway.

I wouldn't bother with a C70 without the Dynaudio/Premium Audio system, and I'd avoid any without xenon lights as the standard lights are hopeless. The sovereign hide leather is much nicer than the standard stuff and I'd also like to have that.

They suit a smooth petrol auto, the coarseness of my D5 is irritating, but if you're hardened to the unpleasant nature of diesel engines the D3, D4 and D5 are excellent examples of the type. The 2.0D is a poor match for the car, underpowered and unrefined.

Be aware that even with the T5 it is not an animal like the old 850 or the more recent V70s with the high pressure turbo (HPT) version of the engine. It has a tiddly little turbocharger aimed more at mid range torque than top end power, although a remap (available from your Volvo dealer as a polestar map) does make them a bit livelier.

Roof problems seem to be rare, even on a forum dedicated to people with problems with their Volvo you'll only find 2 or 3 people who've had issues with the roof. It's certainly much less troublesome than most soft tops and other manufacturers hard tops. The chap on here complaining of water ingress is literally the only example of this I've heard, from the sound of it his car was an absolute lemon or perhaps accident damaged before purchase.

You find very few unhappy C70 owners, I've enjoyed mine immensely and it has worked out at 24p a mile for absolutely every single cost, so not a troublesome car to own. I swapped my 18" wheels for a set of 17" wheels from some sap who was "upgrading", which has lowered tyre costs and improved the ride no end. Paid 240 for a brand new set of wheels with the OEM Pirelli tyres!
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Old Aug 13th, 2017, 16:45   #10

Last Online: Today 02:25
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Location: Suburban Philly

Have to say all in all I am very happy with the '09 T5 I have owned since November, 10,000 miles put on it since then, including a four day 2,300 mile road trip with one very close to 1,000 mile day (had planned to split that but was barely an hour from home before I felt like I wanted to stop).

Heater adequate for Pennsylvania winters ( below zero fahrenheit (minus 18 C) a couple of nights when I left work), AC just about good enough for our summers (100F/40C ish with humidity).

Top down definitely much nicer with the wind deflector. Roof is complicated enough to be worrying, but as others have said, evidence suggests it is reliable enough in real life. Worse comes to worse it can be cranked shut and locked to turn it into an overweight but comfortable coupe cruiser.

Heavy on fuel in stop/go traffic, but better than 30 to the US gallon when cruising the highway a notch or two above the speed limit.

If music is important to you make sure you get a mid-09 or later with the aux input in the center console, otherwise you'll be stuck with radio & CD only without expensive modification. I find the "High-performance" audio adequate - dynaudio is better. Halogen dipped beams are pretty feeble. It does rattle. Sovereign leather is very nice.

I have pretty much all options on mine except Nav, Blis & Park Assist... phone is better than the factory nav, I have a small stick on convex overtaking mirror, but it would be nice to have at least rear park assist since it takes a bit of getting used to just how big it is at the back.
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