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(and V70) - Software Driven Electronics - eBay users beware!

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Old Jul 31st, 2017, 19:31   #141

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Originally Posted by AndrewBrown View Post
OR everything you read on forums as it seems some people are right and stuff wont work, but as other people have proven they are wrong
I guess the problem is nobody really seems to know why it does work, or the conditions that will work.

For example I read that the model year of car and head unit was significant (that they should be congruent). So when I sourced another one to try, that's what I made sure of - didn't make any difference - it behaved no differently than the one I already have.

I've also heard tell that a specific procedure of unregestiring the head unit from the car before removal is key. But on the used market how could you be sure of that.

I guess the answer is probably random luck, until there's some definite answers uncovered. And even then, I suspect there's no fix for existing problems.
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Old Sep 23rd, 2017, 21:26   #142

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Smile Hu603

When I bought my 2001 V70 three years ago the HU603 radio back lighting & steering wheel controls did not work. After joining the VOC Forum I realised that it must be a replacement unit but just lived with it until my OCD to have everything working got the better of me and so I have just purchased another HU 603 Head Unit from ebay.
The 'new' replacement was a unit from the same model and year as mine and I am delighted to say it was a 'Plug & Play' straight swap, with full back lighting & working steering wheel controls! The best 30 I have spent in a long while
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Old Nov 8th, 2017, 21:31   #143
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Smile Passenger Door Module will work...

Hi all,

bought a 2000 V70 LHD with defective PDM (PassengerDoorModule)
Window doens't work, mirror (heating and positioning) also and no temperature displayed in the DIM.
Bought a PDM on eBay, looked to the Sticker that P/N and SW matched, installed it and all items work again.
So if both the numbers match, there will be no Problems to get a spare part work.

On my 2nd V70 i changed the internal mirror in hope to get the remote work (often offered 2 remote-controls with the mirror on ebay), it doesn't.
But now the internal light went off after 30 !! seconds, and turn on if i change the wipers interval :-) I'll go for it with my Vadis next week, to see if i'm able to program the UEM in the mirror.
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Old Jun 15th, 2018, 09:26   #144
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At least the alarm siren is interchangeable as I found out this week.

Just needed to do a UEM reset afterwards.
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Old Jun 15th, 2018, 21:14   #145
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To add to this:

Due to the way Volvo construct the network in the vehicle and the optimisation of device message priority, differents MYs may have different device addresses for the same device.

This is why a DDM from a 2006 car may not work on a 2008 car. Even though it looks identical.

To ensure functionality, always fit the identical part number, or any subsequent part number as advised by VIDA

As well as the device address issue, many devices are programmed for the car, so that all the functions work with the correct parameters. This may be for region specific compliance (USA vs europe), or country level compliance (alarms in Belgium are different to alarms in Switzerland), or may be for vehicle specification (Momentum vs Inscription etc), or part compatibility (for control unit X to work with sensor type Y it must be programmed)

A number of devices are loaded with the vehicle chassis number for identification if stolen, and to track the device if removed.
This also prevents 2nd hand parts being fitted to a car being repaired.

To code a new unit, the new unit must be a virgin. Virgin means no chassis number stored.

Revirgining is frowned upon, not supported, and often simply not possible.
Some after-market revirgining tools exist for other brands, but I have never seen one for Volvo.
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Old Sep 2nd, 2018, 21:52   #146

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I have a 2005 Facelift S60 with an HU-850 which was faulty.

I took the plunge and bought a working unit from Ebay and it worked no problem.

I did disconnect the battery before I unplugged the old one etc.
2004 S40 1.9 Sport Lux
2005 S60 D5 SE 185
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Old Mar 25th, 2019, 16:29   #147
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changed the defective HU-603 (left Channel dead) from my 2001 with the HU-603 from my 2003 AWD 2 weeks ago.
Works fine, i have no steering control in the 2001, the 2003 has it, but works fine.
Few years ago i changed the passanger door module on my wifes 2001. I bougt 2 on ebay, till i realized, both nummers (Part- and Softwarenumber) on the sticker had to be the same, otherwise it won't work.
DIM won't work on naother car, no chance.
VIN and mileage are stored in the flash on the DIM-Board and must be the same as in the ECM. Maybe the engine runs, but lights are off in the DIM.
FOB will not work, even with an other PCB in the mirror. I've tested this and than gave up.
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Old Jun 17th, 2019, 16:35   #148
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Just to add to the "my Uncle Joe (or should it be Uncle Mac...) smoked 40 Woodbines a day and he lived to be 95" debate today i swapped out my u/s HU-850 with another HU-850, same model number, roughly same year, from an XC70 and everything works.
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Old Oct 22nd, 2019, 14:41   #149

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I'm thinking about trying a second hand 850 unit in my XC70. If it doesn't work will it be ok to go back to the original (it works but is japanese so I only get radio 2). Or is there a chance that the swapping around will cause more problems?
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Old Oct 30th, 2019, 13:40   #150
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I am presently going through the heartbreak of a radio change, having done several previous posts on it. My V70 HU-850 disc unit self destructed and having researched the numerous threads on the subject I learnt it's full of all sorts of issues associated with software compatibility.

So I purchased a used HU-850 from the same year model as my car a 2005 V70, whilst all functional controls (including the steering wheel controls) work fine the radio back lighting does not illuminate. Other than a guy in the States who converted the back lights to blue LED's I have not come across anybody who has had a successful transplant.

My current plan is to use the front panel from the original radio and graft that onto the used unit.

I suggest you avoid the used replacement route if you can avoid it and consider taking a hit by install a modern all singing and dancing head unit. I am afraid that if my front panel project does not work that will be my next action.
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