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Ecm 6805 and boost related issues

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Old Jun 11th, 2015, 13:03   #21
2003 S60 D5 128000 Miles

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Just wondering, could a blocked cat cause this code?



Edit, never mind
2003 S60 D5 128000 Miles
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Old Oct 5th, 2015, 20:13   #22
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Thanks for this thread - it has proved invaluable!

Just recently picked up an S60 D5 on an 03 plate with 117k for 1200 quid, though on the drive home, the dreaded 'engine service required' limp mode would chime in every time I tried to take it past 2.5k rpm... The car had a new intercooler in July this year and a new pattern fuel filter, which ruled them out, but here's what I worked through:

-Top engine mount was shagged, so replaced it and at the same time changed thr turbo inlet pipe for a new pattern one. Still no change. .

-Took EGR valve pipe off and decoked it, though it wasn't too bad compared to some I've seen on here.

- Took of the turbo control valve and cleaned the tiny membrane/fiter with carb cleaner. This was completely blocked. Noticeable pick up in turbo response afterwards and engine seemed smoother, but still got limp mode at 2.5k.

I was about to give in and get the codes read, when I read somewhere else that booting it hard in 4th gear from 40mph can 'exercise' and unstick the turbo vanes... I did this several times after putting 30 quids worth of Shell V Power in it, and with each 'boot' it got higher up the rev range before the limp mode cut in. After about five goes, it then pulled cleanly up to the red line with no limp mode!

I have since given it a good shoeing in 3rd and 4th, and it seems to have cured it... It has returned a couple of times after prolonged low rpm driving around town in traffic, but then clears again once 'booted.'

In short, I plan to run a couple of tanks of V Power and some redex through it to give it achance, but the above pretty much seems to have done the job!

Hope this helps someone out in the same way the rest of this thread has done for me...!

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Old Jan 28th, 2016, 20:37   #23
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I found on my 185hp engine that the cause was simply a loose hose clip on the turbo to the pipe beneath the engine.

A leak on the front engine mount was unrelated as the 185hp engine has an electronic servo for the turbo.
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Old Feb 4th, 2016, 09:39   #24
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Originally Posted by BikerChrisV70 View Post
Thanks Mike
I have a V70 D5 163bhp 2004 with around 115k. I had the dreaded ECM6805 code diagnosed by a local garage but they weren’t sure how to resolve the issue as Volvos are not their specialism. Booked the car in with the main dealer who confirmed the code running a diagnostics and investigation (costing £60) to test the vac lines which showed no issues and suggested I rebook the car in for a further diagnostics assessment by the Master Technician (who was on holiday at the time of the first visit). I declined their offer of paying a further £100 and decided to carry out searches on the web and I landed at the Volvo Forum. I came across your post with what seemed to be a very useful guide/checklist to work through which would hopefully eliminate the problem and restore the V70 D5 back to its former best. I am not a mechanic and am going through a steep learning curve.
As I was on a tight budget, the first job I decided to tackle bizarrely (for the cost of the gasket set) was to get the turbo out and give the internals a de-coke. Having read up how to do it (I did find a really good set of step by step instructions) ... how hard could it be! 12 hours later job done. Fire up the engine, sounds fine and took car for a spin. Wonderful, accelerate hard and pulled like a train. Revved well past the 2500rpm problem point and no sign of any problems ... for about 3 weeks. Then the problem came back. That was last October. More surfing the web as a result.
I have recently invested some more time and money trying resolve the problem including the following new parts:
1. New Turbo Control Governor (operating the turbo actuator)
2. New Turbo Control Valve (for the engine mounts)
3. All the small bore rubber vacuum pipes replaced with silicone hoses (used 5mm int dia).
I have invested in a Mity Vac as identified in your article to check all the vac pipe pressures and this is now where I hit a strange anomaly. According to your article the main vac pressure at idle should be around 45 Hg. My Mity vac only goes up to 30 Hg but I only get an idle pressure of 22 Hg. Revving up to 2500rpm this figure rises slightly to 24.5 Hg and doesn’t go any higher.
Using the Mity in line between the TCV and the engine mount at idle is 22 Hg (which give the softer engine mounts). Increasing the revs above around 1100rpm the reading drops to 0 Hg (meaning harder mounts) and doesn’t change once over 1200rpm.
Working from underneath (it seemed easier) I connected directly to the VNT and the arm moves pretty smoothly in and out using the Mity vac. I did this several times just to make sure. Then connecting the Mity in line with the VNT I get the following readings. At idle 22 Hg, at 1500rpm 21Hg, at 2000rpm 14 Hg, 2500rpm 11 Hg, 3000rpm 8 Hg and at 3500rpm around 6 Hg. It is these readings on the VNT side of the TCG that baffle me. The article I says the reading at idle is 5Hg, at 2000rpm 43Hg and at 2500rpm 35Hg. My readings seem to do the complete opposite curve.
I thought I was very systematic in changing all the vac pipes by only changing one length at a time to avoid mixing up which vac pipe connected to the inlet and outlet ports on the TCV and TCG. Is it possible that I have still managed to transpose them somehow? For ease of identification I even used different colour silicone hoses for the turbo pipe and vac inlet.
A test run in the car after changing the vac lines, TCG and TCV has made no difference under hard acceleration. Under very gentle acceleration building up the revs in 4th very very slowly on a long stretch of dual carriageway we got to 3500rpm with no issues. Once I had eased off and then tried to overtake ‘with gusto’ same old problem .... instant limp mode which is real a problem halfway through overtaking!
The next item on the list to change seems to be the turbo fresh air intake hose. My local dealer has offered me the bottom hose only for a mere £74 or the entire hose from the air box to the turbo for £93 including the metal section. To ease the pain (his words) he was prepared to offer a 10% discount to me. I have seen the bottom hose (not OEM) on Ebay for £28. The dealer also said he often sells a sensor (£93) on the intercooler outlet pipe at the same time when people are replacing the turbo air inlet pipes. I’ve not seen any mention of this on any of the posts that I have read. Anybody come across this one?
Any help, comments or advice on any of the above would be appreciated. I’m running out of ideas (and money) to resolve this matter to a successful conclusion.
Have you sorted out the TCG readings, because I got the same results what were opposite with the Mike readings?
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Old Apr 23rd, 2016, 22:46   #25
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Everyone loves photos, right? 😀
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Old Jul 10th, 2016, 23:54   #26
Speed freak
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Was having a look through ebay other day and found this

Obviously listed for alfa models but is pierburg, looks to have same connector and has the white end part and is less than half the price of volvo one,
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Old Jul 30th, 2016, 20:19   #27
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Default Ecm 6805

My V70 D5 (2003 / 117K) is suffering this problem only under load:

If I don't boot it its fine

If I do boot it goes in to limp

Everytime I turn off and restart the "Engine Service Required" is cleared along with ECM 6805.

I have so far cleaned the boost control valve (and it ran a little better)
Notice lots of gunge in the intercooler pipe I removed to do the BCV, so I also cleaned this followed closly by me.

Could this problem be vanes stuck or is an "Itallian service" required?
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Old Aug 26th, 2017, 21:23   #28
Darlo 1
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I too have had this code/problem, unfortunatly for me it turned out to be the turbo that was shagged, bearings completly had it and possible cracked housing as i had a lot of hissing on boost, one recon turbo off ebay and now running properly for the first time since i bought the car.
V40 1.9D 2004
620 miles to the tankful.
235000 miles on clock. Now sold,
S60 D5 2004.
I vape therefore I am.
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Old Sep 4th, 2017, 20:48   #29
Oil Burner
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Not posted on the board for ages but will add the following;

I had this problem on an intermittent basis. Codes were read by Volvo and confirmed the ECM-6805 code.

I had engine mounts replaced, vac system tested, intercooler checked, smoke test for leaks, Alternator pulley clutch changed as it was faulty and it in itself can cause the same fault code according to the Dealer.
They obviously checked the TCV etc etc as they had the car for two days with the Service manager himself working on it as he had more experience with the 'older' Volvo's

There was nothing else to check and it was suggested the last thing would be to fit a new Turbo complete with vac actuator. This I got a quote for, 2 years ago at approx £1100 fully fitted by Volvo.

I declined at the time as all the other work I had done along with this had added up a bit and I needed some time.

The car continued to go into limp mode occasionally for a few weeks and then it decided to behave perfectly for a whole year.

I have I will note always used BP Ultimate Diesel in the car.

Anyway, just days before the next MOT I had Limp mode again three times. When the car went in for its MOT and service, Volvo said no codes were logged so there was no evidence to go on.

Had the limp mode a few times after then it has been fine again for about 8 weeks, now I have had limp again three times in the last three weeks.

So who knows. Im just settled to living with it. Its not a real problem.

Its just so random. Mine usually comes in at half throttle or so when the revs get near 3000rpm.

On occasions when I do give the car a good Italian style right foot, the problem does not occur.

To me if a turbo is sticky it will either go to limp 'every time' you boot the car or on a regular basis.

It will not do it a few times then be fine for months or a year then suddenly decide to stick again.

It done it today, but at medium throttle on the way to work. On the way home it was perfect.

Im living with it, life to short to stress over a minor annoyance.
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Old Oct 17th, 2017, 18:02   #30
Willow place

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If you are hitting 3,000 rpm then surely you are over the speed limit,I have a few issues but at 2,500 rpm I am right on the limit, interesting post though on this code, got an Autel scanner today, got 5 codes showing including this one, will have to work through them with the help of (SiRobb) !
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