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LPG, CNG & LNG - General Info and Issues Share experiences and problems

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LPG: When will people learn! (???)

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Old Mar 14th, 2019, 10:07   #61
Classic P80 1999 BiFuel

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We all have vested interests? Really, not as I read it? Agreed, there's 'classic' and he's a pro, but he is quite upfront about his position. Many of us here are like me, we simply run gasified cars well.

You in turn 'bang on' about poor reliabilty. Few would argue with you that this is a problem, and almost always rooted in poor installation. It's where gassing a car got its poor rap.

The idea that ‘next weekend’ you can ‘bung-in’ a gas conversion - all for £600 - stretches the truth. There are exceptions, but most of you with experience know the reality. Doing it right takes three times longer. Else, it’s a lash-up which needs to be done again.

Which is where I came in. If a money-pit ‘bung-in’ is the plan, better not to start in the first... Gashed-in conversions don't work, or don't work for long.

But answer with facts. Are you really saying, for example, that...

a) Hong Kong's taxi drivers mandated to run the stuff - have LPG wrong?
b) Argentina, with the biggest proportions of gassed cars in the world. 15% of ALL cars there run gas, and rising. And for the last 30 years they've been doing this. Are these cars not working then? Thus should run petrol?

It seems gasification's detractors base their argument on badly executed conversions and heresay. There are far more successful users than not. Unfortunately it is true, the ‘bung-in’ merchants do the rest of us no service.

Agreed this is off at a tangent, but I'd love to give the likes of Texaco, Esso etc a proper kicking, as the Argies do!
Bifuel V70 Classic 1999 [The Old Grumpy in the Corner, "When I was a lad... blah, bl**dy blah."]

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Old Mar 14th, 2019, 16:34   #62
Trader Volvo in my veins
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Originally Posted by XCR View Post
I've owned a few gas converted vehicles including a monstrous Discovery with a chip tuned 4.6 V8 ! Never had a moments bother.
My current day van, a 2000 MY Vito is on LPG and is truly superb with no issues over the last year. Its very smooth and quiet with no perceptive loss of power and, if I work it out right, I can fill up at a certain supermarket for 55p a litre !
I've saved a fortune.
Originally Posted by mentepazza View Post
Our friend is right. It can be painful owning an LPG car.
Main problem is most of the LPG professional have no idea
What thy are doing.
Get a proper mechanic with experience on LPG and you’ll experience the pleasure of driving a converted LPG engine.
My 240 has got LPG since 1993. Never had any issue in 25 Years.
My 320bmw run sweet for 160k miles before selling it.
My swift 1.3 run swiftly for 100k miles before selling it.
Just need to look after the electric parts, replacing earlier than usual spark plugs, rotor, cables.
Also had a golf converted to CNG without any issue.
I think I have saved thousands over the Years.
Can’t hide conversion can be temperamental. Engine run differently depending on the weather, if it s wet or dry, if you are on a mountain or at the sea.
Never run smooth as when you feed the engine with petrol. Loss of power is noticeble. Some cars will need to adjust the valve every 20/30k miles. Others will not last over 100k miles.
It’s always a compromise running an LPG scar and probably something will go
Originally Posted by volvo_pete View Post
Thought I would chime in and have a few questions too.
For past 14 years all of my cars have been LPG converted (volvo v40 2002reg, smart forfour 55reg, BMW 328 convertible Nreg and now BMW 330 convertible 02reg).
LPG has been great (the v40 was used all over Europe, where LPG could be had for 29cents).
Reliability has not been an issue, when I had the conversion done and has only been a problem when I bought the car already converted (poor conversions). The current BMW I had converted at 118k 5 years ago and about to hit 200k. There have been no issues with the car at all.
However, as much as I love the savings (220 miles for £25) I am getting very annoyed at the profiteering by big fuel companies. Non supermarket LPG is now 65-73 a litre but a big supermarket or gas suppliers sell it at 52-55p a.litre, so why am I being ripped off by at least £4 every fillup?
Secondly, all my cars have been "normal injection" so perfectly convertable to LPG. However, as I understand new cars are now all direct injection and the conversion is not easy nor is it cheap - am I right in this respect?
Finally, I found it rather difficult to find an LPG installer who knew what they are doing. I know that there are lots listed on the LPGA site, but in my experience this stands for nothing. I found that there are only about 10 companies/individuals in the UK that I would trust to fit a system.

All in all, LPG can work great, but need to have a good system fitted by a trustworthy person/company.
Originally Posted by arctan View Post
I'm in Wembley.
I've had two 940's on LPG with very little trouble.
Approx 100k on first car, one injector wire broke (15 min fix).
Approx 40k on second car, Earth prob (30 min fix).
Kit was transferred between cars for £800. Kit now 10 years old.
I sometimes do the two year-ish filter change (£25), sometimes get an lpg inspection.
Paying 55p per litre (Feb 019). Ave 18p per mile.
Original install by Gas4cars, Milton Keynes. Happy with them. Went for high end Prinz Kit with nice injectors (£1700). I think the retail on those injectors could be £400 and they are thought to be good for 250km or so- hence some of the higher install cost.
I've used BPH garage Slough for any LPG repairs, I hear good reports about ECOtec in west drayton but haven't used them.

And, of course, a healthy ignition system, esp the insulating items. Magnacore leads.
As others have said, get a good install (a bad installer is the root of future problems), avoid clowns if you can!
Personally, I find the stuff coming out of Diesel exhausts really offensive.
What would happen if people had their Diesel exhaust pipes pointing out of their bonnets?
More crap advise from a 'government'.
Also LPG is more frequently used, common even, in a lot of other countries.
I'm happy with it, and will budget for it on my next car.

You had best report all of these with vested interests as traders have to be registered as traders on the forum
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Old Mar 14th, 2019, 16:36   #63
Trader Volvo in my veins
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Location: Anglesey

I missed a few off as the multi quote did not work. Point is I'm the only trader here.

The rest are just guilty of saving money by running LPG
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Old Mar 18th, 2019, 01:08   #64
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I buy LPG.
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