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Rear head rests

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Old Apr 28th, 2018, 21:40   #1
Steve XC60
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Default Rear head rests

I have just collected my Mk2 XC60 and was wondering whether anyone has tried removing the rear head rests so as to fit child car seats better?
I have tried searching for answers and have seen that it is possible on the Mk1 XC60. I also saw a thread re the front seat headrests of a V90CC but it did not look like anyone had actually gone through with it on a SPA model.
Sorry if there is an answer out there and my searching abilities have let me down...
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Old Apr 29th, 2018, 11:18   #2

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With no answer here surely a call to your local dealer should bear fruit. With their safety ethos I can’t believe Volvo haven’t thought of this. My daughters backed booster seat just rests in front of the headrest (raised a little) in my S90 but she is 6 and close to being the legal height not to need one. I could see it being a problem on more “chunky” seats designed for younger children. I also wondered if it could be done but seeing as it wasn’t necessary moved on.

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Old May 19th, 2018, 20:16   #3
Steve XC60
Structural member

Last Online: Dec 3rd, 2018 18:32
Join Date: Aug 2014
Location: South East

For anyone who is interested, I have just removed a rear headrest in my MkII XC60 to see if it helps fit my child car seats.

Unfortunately it does not help me. Both types of child seat that I have still do not sit flush against the seat as the headrests for the child seats are still obstructed by the metal rods that are left once the car's headrest is removed - and those metal rods look sufficiently spiky for me to be putting the headrest straight back on!

I would have thought Volvo, being safety conscious and family friendly, would have a way to install child car seats for the larger child without the child seat resting on the headrest with a large gap between the back of the child seat and the actual car seat. My understanding is that the actual Volvo branded seats fit no better.

Anyone out there from Volvo with any suggestions?

For anyone who is ever interested in removing the headrest, the steps are as follows:
- press the button to trigger the folding headrests (and back seats as it makes the next step easier)
- grip the plastic panel that is on the rear of the headrest at the bottom on each side where the metal rod enters the headrest
- pull a few times, sharply but firmly until it comes away slightly from the headrest
- ease the rear plastic panel further away from the headrest, enough to clear the plastic lugs that fit into the headrest but not too much as there are still some plastic lugs holding the plastic panel onto the headrest at the top of the plastic panel
- then slide the plastic panel towards the top of the headrest so as to clear the last few plastic lugs
- once the rear plastic panel is off, there are two metal clips holding the headrest onto the metal rods which you need to ease off with a screwdriver
- the headrest then lifts off the metal rods
Getting it back on is much more tricky:
- First you have to realign and half fit the bottom centre lugs of the rear panel into the back of the headrest
- Then push the rear plastic panel towards the top of the headrest, being really careful not to break any of the lugs, especially the bottom centre lugs that is half fitted
- Then, once the top lugs are in place, you have to ease the bottom lugs into place (I needed to adjust the bottom centre lugs at this point gently with a screwdriver)
- Then it should all click shut.
Having done this once - I won't be doing it again and wouldn't recommend it!
XC60 Mk1 2011(61) Pan Roof
XC60 Mk2 2018(67) Bigger Pan Roof

Last edited by Steve XC60; May 19th, 2018 at 22:04. Reason: Adding instructions on how to refit the headrest
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