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engine management light

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Old Nov 17th, 2020, 18:44   #1
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Default engine management light

Evening looking for help on way home in c70 mk1 cabrio 2litre petrol engine management light came on yellow . Seems as if only running on 4 cylinders anyone near scunthorpe can read codes. Or if any one has any ideas please

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Old Nov 17th, 2020, 21:43   #2
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Popping her on VOL - FCR certainly not a bad place to start but sadly I am a considerable distance away from yoo
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Old Nov 17th, 2020, 22:50   #3
capt jack
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Well if it's running on only 4 cylinders the EML will certainly come on. It depends on exactly which ignition and engine management system your car has. If it's electrical the problem could be a failed spark plug, a failed HT lead, a failed coil (if it has 5 individual coil packs), or a damaged distributor cap or rotor (if it has a single coil and a distributor).

If it's a fuel-related problem it could be a failed injector, or more seriously if it's a mechanical failure it could be a problem with a cylinder head valve.

Absolutely you need to get the fault codes downloaded and read. Again, it depends upon which system your car has, but if it's fully OBD2 compliant then any garage should be able to at least read the fault codes - or you could buy a cheap code reader and do it yourself. If you're in a breakdown service why not ask them if they'll attend and check the car over?

But fault codes are there to take much of the guesswork out of diagnostics, and that's the place to start.


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Old Nov 22nd, 2020, 17:17   #4
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Default c 70

Had codes read could be spark plug , ignition coil or injector , so ordered new volvo plugs and five coils see if that helps if injector would that need coding and would the coils need coding or plug and play
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Old Nov 22nd, 2020, 18:16   #5
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Coils are plug and play, it's almost certainly one of them. If it were me, I'd try to find which cylinder is faulty, bin that coil and then I've got four spares for any future problems.

Likelihood is that it's probably not an injector, so good that you haven't bought any yet.
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Old Nov 23rd, 2020, 16:44   #6
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or send 3 back and buy a half decent hand held obd2 reader with the change
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