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XC60 T8 MY20 Real World Range

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Old Jan 14th, 2020, 22:43   #11
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Originally Posted by Automatic Only View Post
The company car tax benefit is what did it for me - a T8 is a whole lot cheaper than even the cheapest D4 Momentum. And of course, its a much nicer car!
No brainer.
it is?? who told you that?
MY19 XC60 D4 R-Design Polestar
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Old Jan 15th, 2020, 07:37   #12
Automatic Only
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Originally Posted by VOLVOL0VER View Post
it is?? who told you that?
My old car had the same engine (in an S60) and compared to this its a complete revelation - so incredibly quiet.
Plus as you can only get the T8 in R Design or Inscription, it comes with a lot more kit as well (as well as the T8 specific extras).
My main point being that you can get a 60k car and pay less company car tax than a 40k car. For me at least, it didn't even need thinking about.
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Old Jan 15th, 2020, 07:46   #13
Automatic Only
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A quick update, I will try and do some more as I find out what it is capable of:

Normal morning commute today - app gives me the following stats:

Duration: 31 minutes
Distance: 26.7 miles
Fuel consumption: 104.4 mpg
Electric consumption: 9.1 kwh
Electric regeneration: 0.9 kwh

I left with a full battery and arrived with 1 or 2 'pips' left on the gauge. I guess it might have done another mile or so.
To put this in full context, I had pre-conditioned the car and had heated seats and steering wheel on the whole way on a low setting. Heated rear screen on a bit as it seems to get misted up quite easily? Air conditioning on also and was listening to music with the windscreen wipers going flat out as it was tipping it down with rain!
There is an average speed check zone for part of the journey at 50mph but the remainder of the journey is almost completely 70mph - I used adaptive cruise for most of it and was between 70-80mph for most of it.
Engine came on twice I think - this was during relatively long uphill sections when the electric motors alone don't have enough power to maintain the speed required.
And for clarity, this was in Pure mode.
Have to say I'm very happy with that indeed!
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Old Jan 15th, 2020, 16:46   #14
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Originally Posted by Wizzpop View Post
I chose the Momentum to stay under 40k avoiding the additional tax, does that still get charged for the hybrids?
Yes, and pure electrics too, its a wealth tax, nothing to do with the environment.
S40 - 2005 - 2.0D Euro3
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Old Jan 20th, 2020, 08:16   #15
Automatic Only
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Location: Sittingbourne

Another update if anyone's interested...

Normal commutes have yielded anything between 85 and 122mpg.
The norm generally seems to be just over 100 - I always have to use the engine at some point on steep motorway hills as I'm not particularly keen on creeping up them at about 50mph or less!

Did the following trip before the weekend, was M25/M3 and busy at times though not really stop/start:

Duration: 1 hour 16
Distance: 80.6 miles
Fuel Consumption: 43.9mpg
Electric consumption 9.2kwh
Electric regeneration: 1.2kwh

And the following trip was last night, was a similar route but was completely clear so going slightly faster for most of it - 75-80 on the motorways:

Duration: 1 hour 27
Distance: 98.3 miles
Fuel consumption: 38mpg
Electric consumption 9.0kwh
Electric regeneration: 0.9kwh

Overall very happy with these numbers!
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Old Jan 20th, 2020, 20:28   #16
St Evelyn
VOC Member

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Location: Trowbridge

Your figures do indeed look good - akin to what I'd expect to see from a diesel on a long journey, yet basically free motoring on a shorter one.

Certainly opens up the engine options somewhat when changing car, as long as the wallet can deal with the initial purchase price. Would really like to see an XC90 recharge get launched though, that could be very interesting, so seriously looking forward to the Polestar 2 hitting the roads to see how that fares.

Current - 2017 V90 D4 Inscription
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