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Is this price correct for egr replacement

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Old Sep 16th, 2021, 12:27   #21
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Originally Posted by stuart bowes View Post
...Halfords is just a shop, they're not specialists in any way whatsoever.. it's a bit like asking someone from Tesco to do the catering for your wedding just because they sell food

if you need simple things like track rod ends changed or simple suspension work, take it to a decent garage. anything electrical or engine related, take it to a volvo specialist...
I don't really agree with your Halfords/Tesco point. While I am in no way recommending anyone to take their car to Halfords, as their reputation isn't good. I don't think it is anyway comparable to asking someone from Tesco doing the catering. This isn't a service Tesco supply while Halfords Autocentre, are supposed to be competent mechanics who according to their website service over 250,000 cars a year. It's not a little sideline. They have shops as well, but there are plenty of companies that have diversified and offer a range of services.

I'm not aware of them being any worse than the likes of Kwikfit (who I'm not recommending either), and I'm sure there are still dodgy independent garages out there too. I think the key phrase there was "decent garage", which is sometimes difficult to discern. I'm maybe playing on semantics here, but to say 'oh well they are a shop, what did you expect, seems to let them off, when are offering garage services, and should be held to the same standards as any other garage.

Random review lifted from a Kwikfit garage, praising Halfords over Kwikfit:
"My daughter came here because her oil light came on, they changed oil but oil light stayed on - told her she’s have to have it serviced there for them to switch light off ? Then told her she needed a new £190 battery. She went to Halfords next day for a free health check - told nothing wrong with her battery. Absolute con men"
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Old Sep 16th, 2021, 13:05   #22
stuart bowes
trying to be helpful

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Bizarrely enough Tesco actually do offer catering services, this was a total shot in the dark because I wasn't aware of it when I wrote the comment before

I still wouldn't trust them for something important like a wedding though and I can't imagine many others would unless budget was very strict..

Anyway somewhat besides the point as it was only really a throw away comment and not the main thrust of the argument

Yes they should in theory be held to the same standards, but you'll never good as good a service from a busy overworked big chain business as you will from a small local company who wants you to come back

you're probably right the main point really was find a decent garage (check reviews etc) and additionally, as with any thing you pay someone to do, get more than one quote, I usually try to get three for everything I do. And that's a lot if you include work (sparkies, using suppliers and subcontractors) so I know its a pain, but it's worth the effort
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