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140/164 Series Articles How to's and Guides for the 140/164 series.

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Buying/selling 140/164

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Default Buying/selling 140/164

This article was first published in Driver 2008.
I am often asked by potential owners and sellers of 140 models about the value of the 140 series. How much should I pay or how much should I ask when selling.
I am not an expert in this field and it is difficult to put a value on anything particularly if you have not viewed it.
I have to say that although more 140 and derivative models were manufactured than the Amazon model the 140 has not it appears caught on with the enthusiasts as much as the Amazon. For this reason Amazons command higher prices than the 140 model. Supply and demand does not quite work
I am not sure why this is the case. I myself have over the years owned a number of both amazons and 140 models. Currently I have a 121 and a 145. I enjoy both models for different reasons. .
My view on the value of a potential purchase/sale of a 140 model is like any other commodity it is worth whatever someone will pay for it.
The price will clearly be affected by the condition of the car. I try to look for body work that is in good condition with no major rust holes. The engine is not such a concern for me as it can be more easily sorted out. Areas I look for in the body are wheel wells in the boot. wheel arches and around the wind screen which I have found in the past to be potential problem areas. Not forgetting to check the chassis of course. Having said the body area is my main concern body repair parts appear to be readily available.
The good thing about my current 145 is that although there is not a Volvo service history the previous owner has recorded everything he has done to the car and kept most of his receipts and bills. This was a good indication that the car was well looked after which is indeed the case.
If we 140 owners are considering the sale of our cars we have to be realistic in our asking price. I would suggest making the most of it with a good clean and polish. Its is like selling a house, display the best features. Keep hold of those receipts and old mots. If there is not much mot left consider putting a new one on. Finally for me a considering factor is the historic status. As a second car a nil rated VEL puts up the value. Let us hope that at some stage an elected government re-instates the rolling 25 year old system for historic status. I will add more pictures when I have sorted out my system. I have now managed to add a couple of pictures they are not perfect but will give an idea of problem areas Nigel Ayling
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Default Buying or selling 140/164

Just to add to my previous article on this subject. My own recent experiences and watching prices in Classic car and on eBay appears to indicate that sellars are asking higher prices for 140's that previously and buyers appear to be paying. For those looking to buy happy hunting.
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