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700/900 Series Articles How to's and Guides for the P700/900 series.

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Throttle body cleaning guide

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Old Feb 18th, 2017, 22:11   #1
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Default Throttle body cleaning guide

Today i finally got around to cleaning my throttle body, my car had an uneven idle and would shudder when stationary from it. Cleaning the throttle body completely cured this and it's now much smoother to drive so if you have similar problems give it a go.

I'm aware most members on here are fairly competent at working on their car but figured as i have picture's and i know some like me are learning and may be hesitant without a guide. When i joined the forum i hadn't even done a basic service and a guide in the 850 section gave me the confidence to go for it so hopefully it can be of use to someone as that was to me.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any damage to you or your car and you do this at your own risk.

Item's required/helpful:
13mm extended socket
13mm ring spanner
Throttle body cleaner
Gasket or gasket paper and a sharp craft knife to cut it out
cloth/kitchen roll
something to cover the throttle position sensor - i used a rubber glove held on with a rubber band

1. Firstly disconnect the battery, now remove the large pipe circled in red by undoing the jubilee clip enough to slide it off. Then use the pliers to squeeze and move the clips off the smaller pipes upwards so you can pull them off too, again circled in red. The smaller pipes were hard to remove but a bit of wiggling worked them off. They are different sizes so its obvious what goes where.

2. Next you want to disconnect the lower linkage, you need to unclip the plastic bit underneath and pull it away from the ball joint, be careful as it will probably be brittle and breaking it could cause a headache getting another, also don't spin it as its on a thread. After that you want to push in the metal retaining clip to remove the connector on the throttle position sensor, no picture but you will see it, do not undo the sensor from the throttle body as its calibrated and will need re-calibrating if you muck about undoing it.

3. Next you need to undo the 3 13mm bolts, the one by the sensor is a pain and will need a ring spanner and undoing bit by bit, as above do not remove the sensor. I dropped one of the bolts and had to find a replacement so be careful not to drop any. Once undone the throttle body should come off, if not it may be stuck to the old gasket and need a gentle pull. This is mine before cleaning with 111k on the clock and the original gasket.

4. Now you need to cover the sensor so you can safely clean it, i wrapped a rubber glove around it then held it on with a rubber band which worked like a charm. Time to clean it now, its a messy job so good idea to use an old bowl or do it over some newspaper. Use the cleaner inside to get rid of all the nasty gunk, use the toothbrush to work it loose, you can use the bit on the side to open it so you can clean inside properly. Once done use a cloth or the like to dry it but make sure its all clean ready for refitting. Also if you have any of the old gasket stuck to it you will need to scrape it off to ensure it fits snugly.

After cleaning:

5. Ignore this if you have a gasket from Volvo etc and skip to 6.

If like me your using gasket paper you need to use the old one to draw the outline so you can cut it out, mine was fairly intact and caused me no problems, a craft knife cuts them out perfectly, just take your time. Mine was slightly larger in the centre but worked fine.

6. Refitting is the reverse of removal, make sure the gasket is flush, the bolts don't need to be extremely tight so don't go mad. I oiled the ball joint and spring while i was there for the future. Make sure the air tubes are on fully so they won't come loose over time and remember to reconnect the battery before you try starting it.

Link to original thread here....
Amateur having a go.

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