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Car not utilising the hybrid battery at all

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Old Jan 7th, 2019, 13:49   #1
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Default Car not utilising the hybrid battery at all

Hello everyone.

I have a 2016 Volvo XC90 T8, and this is a CKD model assembled in Malaysia.

Everything was fine and dandy for about 2 years until about 2 months ago when I encountered a string of problems.

First it was the steering lock that needed replacing - the car wouldn't start at all!

A week later, the entire dashboard had to be removed to replace the cooling coil as I told it was leaking. This time round my car was off the road for about a month awaiting spares from Sweden, allegedly.

Two days ago, I discovered something very strange. Usually when I start the car, it would start up using the hybrid battery. However, this time it started using the ICE. As I began to drive on, I noticed that the car would not utilize the hybrid battery at all, despite me driving at a very leisurely pace.

So, to force the car to utilize the hybrid battery, I engaged the "pure" driving mode. However, the car still would not switch to the hybrid battery. The ICE stayed on at all times.

What's even more peculiar is that under the "Constant AWD" mode, there is an error message saying "Cannot be selected due to limitations", and this drive mode is greyed out. I have tried googling this error message and other than the excerpt from the car manual, there is nothing at all that comes up - that's unbelievable. Nothing on forums, nothing on groups.

Other than this one message, there are no other error messages or warnings from the car.

My nearest dealer is an hour away by flight, and I got on the phone with the service manager and he said that the problem is probably due to faulty ABS sensors, as they can cause the hybrid battery to be "deactivated". I find that hard to believe and I certainly hope it's not an issue with the hybrid battery itself.

Any advice or insight is much appreciated. Thanks all!

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Old May 2nd, 2019, 02:23   #2
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Is the problem solved for you yet?

I have the same problem but happen slightly different.

I had my T8 for about a year and a half. Around 3 months ago when I started the car ICE started which is unusual, but after a few KM drive hybrid system kicks in. However a few KM later i fealt the jerkyness and loss of power suddenly ICE came on again and stay on until I shut the engine off, next start up won't happen for the whole day. But next day it will repeat again. But someday the loss of power didn't happen.

But about a week ago. Started up ICE kicks in as normal but battery never kicks in ever. No matter how many times I turned the car off.

Battery only be used for other system I guess, as it very slowly drained down while I drive with ICE on all the time.

Recently I just tried to use B gear, normally I would feel the pull from hybrid motor breaking but with this problem, there is no different from D and B

If you got it fixed please share what the dealer change for your.

Thank you so much
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Old Nov 9th, 2019, 13:04   #3
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Location: London
Default Any solution?

Did you manage to get this solved? What was the problem? Could that be the start battery being toi weak? I am experiencing the same issue. Thank you.
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