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Windscreen: Water ingress on 60 models 2008 on

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Old Nov 4th, 2015, 18:06   #1
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Default Windscreen: Water ingress on 60 models 2008 on

This topic is to log users who have issues with the above fault where the screen and bond are not correctly adhered to the vehicle bodywork

Please see the reference topic on water ingress Here.

So if you have had or are having these issues please post model, year, when acquired, servicing, and whether VCUK has been approached for recompense and what that outcome was.
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Old Nov 28th, 2015, 06:23   #2

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Default Joining the leak club!

XC60 D5 AWD, May 2009 build date, bought at 74,000km and had for 18 months, always dealer serviced, 104,000 km current mileage, noticed a very small rivulet of water running down inside of window screen on passengers side when washing the car today. (Drat!)

Might try some of that Capt Tolley's Creeping Crack cure stuff as a temporary repair measure - anyone used that stuff before?

Given age of car I'm not sure if I'll even bother approaching Volvo Australia - I'll just sort it out myself and save myself the hassle.
2009 XC60 D5 AWD
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Old Dec 24th, 2015, 08:44   #3

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Default Waited too long

In retrospect, the moment I first saw the tiniest indication of windowscreen leakage I should have taken prompt action. I did not do this and instead decided to get the windowscreen resealing done at the same time as the annual service in mid January (approx a month later). BIG mistake

Earlier this week we had a couple of hot days (Weather forecaster said 39 deg C - dashpanel temperature reading was 44 deg C) and then we got some heavy rain. The next day the front passengers floor had about an inch deep of water sloshing around. I took the car around to the dealer the next day - another customer was having a cracked windowscreen replaced so the window guy did my resealing job after that.

Glass removed and resealed and now I am A$280 poorer. The dealer approached Volvo Australia about a contribution towards this cost but this request was declined due to age of vehicle. I pointed out to Volvo that a windowscreen is not expected to leak for 15 years plus and that this leakage is a known fault. Because it's Xmas and I had some time on my hands I lodged a complaint against Volvo with the NSW fair trading authority (who handle consumer complaints) so will see what happens.

The lesson to learn here is to reseal the windowscreen at the very first instance of any leakage. I just hope that no electrical issues arise as a result of this leakage - fingers crossed.
2009 XC60 D5 AWD
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Old Dec 26th, 2015, 21:47   #4
volvo for ever
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you will find acrosss all models P1's,,2's so on there poor bonding from factory phone customer services volvo
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Old Jan 8th, 2016, 11:13   #5
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Default XC60 water leak from sunroof or windscreen???

Over Xmas my car developed a leak and there was water in the passenger footwell(massive puddle) and the panoramic sunroof flew open whilst driving and wouldn't close. Ten minutes later it shut itself. The recovery garage sealed the sunroof with corrosion film and took the fuse out of the sunroof cntrols. As I was in a stormy area I contacted my insurance company and they came out to inspect the car. They have now declined the claim as there are too many XC60's having this issue and are using that are their get out clause even although they didn't take time t inspect exactly where the water was coming from. Since the sunroof is sealed I have had no more leaking so could this even be windscreen bonding issue? Contacted Volvo and they have agreed to rebond the screen at their cost but no so willing to pay for any electrical faults that have occurred. My AC is now not working and I have a airbag light on. I have to take the car to local Volvo to have an inspection, any advise greatly appreciated. Surely this is a big safety worry if windscreens are not bonded properly. Why are Volvo not advising owners, they told me that all 2010 -2013 models can have windscreen boding redone as a gesture of goodwill but will not admit any liability?>>

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Old Jan 11th, 2016, 22:47   #6
dave j
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Default XC60 windscreen leak 2010 model


Seal went on 2010 D5 with 64k on clock. First we knew about this was 2'' of water in passenger footwell.

Phoned Volvo dealer who identified fault as leaking seal straight away - they had another XC60 in the workshop at the same time with identical problem.

Screen removed, resealed and re-installed - 130 out of pocket.
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Old Jan 12th, 2016, 19:56   #7
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Default Yes

Yes my 2009 D5 started to let water in from the top of screen, saturated passenger footwell carpets at 32000 miles (Aug 15)

Screen removed and rebonded 60.

Fitter said Screen bond/primer failed all along top edge of screen.
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Old Jan 22nd, 2016, 12:36   #8
Jeremy P
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Angry XC60 2008 windscreen top edge

Just reporting another case. My wife's car. I saw it removed and the entire top edge of the screen was complete unbounded. 75 and VCUK not interested due to age.
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Old Jan 31st, 2016, 16:19   #9
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Looks like mine has gone today. Water running down the inside of the screen on both drivers and passenger sides. 60 plate D5 with 60k on the clock. Bloody thing......
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Old Feb 4th, 2016, 16:22   #10
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I have similar problem on my july 2009 XC60 on Driver site.
Water rolls on the windscreen.
In last rain i have water on the sender consol from the front roof light...
XC60 D5 AWD MY 2010 240 HP / 530 Nm
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