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Hard wire dashcam to 2019 V90CC.

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Old Jun 21st, 2019, 12:49   #11
Mc Lovin
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Originally Posted by pallison View Post
This is the mini USB version I bought for my previous camera on Amazon but for the Viofo I use it with a mini to micro USB adaptor.

They sell a micro version as well, just search for Rearmaster OBD on Amazon. It is either always on as long as the battery is more than 11.6v or switches off with the engine after a few seconds. Details are in the listing.
I now have my camera and it appears to use a mini usb power supply. You say you use a mini to micro adapter? Do you mean the other way around or do you have a different version to me? I figure I may as well buy the one that matches but am thinking mini usb is older tech so for future proof may get the micro one and use an adapter for now? Then again if I ever change camera I will probably have changed car so can use the fusebox.

What do most cameras use mini or micro usb?

Also any chance you could post a picture of your rear cam and where the wire comes from? Do you use the parking mode and have you had any battery issues?

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Old Jun 21st, 2019, 19:15   #12
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My mistake, it was the micro usb OBD cable I bought for my previous camera and I had to buy a micro to mini usb converter for the Viofo camera. That was just a couple of pounds from eBay if I recall and is just a straight piece about 3cm long.

Not sure if the picture link will show above, but I ran the rear cable round the headlining, and through the rubber conduit between the roof and the bootlid. The ends of the conduit can be released just by squeezing them and I was able to wiggle the end of the cable through eventually. Once the cable is inside the bootlid the best way I found to route it was by making a hole in the trim piece at the top of the window. Cutting off the clip on the rear and using a sharp blade made a hole just big enough for the connector to fit though. This trim just pops off and is easily replaced should I ever want to remove the camera and return the car to standard. I used a rubber gromit just to tidy up the square hole and keep things neat.

The rear camera is just stuck to that same trim piece with one of the sticky pads it came with, and the lens is angled down a little o get a clear view through the window. Fitting it above the glass also helps to minimise how it appears in the rear view mirror and from outside the car (with the privacy glass it's almost invisible).
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Old Jun 21st, 2019, 20:25   #13
Mc Lovin
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Thanks again. That looks like a brilliant job. I'm a couple of months into an 18 month lease so don't think I want to cut any holes, but will consider it. I don't mind some slightly exposed wires if needs be.

I've ordered the power supply, a sandisk endurance card and the bluetooth video save button. Hopefully they will here soon. I also tested the camera and rear camera with a power bank to make sure it's working before I install it.
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