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How do people charge their T8 XC90s at home

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Old Oct 30th, 2020, 18:29   #11
green van man
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Thank you again I-S. If I do it I will do so independently so no concern about grants.

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Old Oct 31st, 2020, 03:39   #12
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Thanks all for the useful information and getting back to me, much appreciated! Think I’ll take the plunge with the pod-point charger based on everyone’s advice.

I note members have mentioned to stick to the highest possible amplitude charger. However the options provided are all wattage, namely 3.2kw, 7kw and 22kw. The 3.2 and the 7 don’t have much difference in price but the 22kw is considerably more expensive (almost double!). Can anyone advise? The Volvo is limited to 3.2kw charging but the point is to future proof as many have advised.
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Old Oct 31st, 2020, 10:55   #13
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7Kw is 32A, which I think is what everyone is advising.
Red XC60 Momentum T5, 2019
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Old Oct 31st, 2020, 11:01   #14
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Thanks all
Very good advice, especially to get the tethered option, makes complete sense
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Old Oct 31st, 2020, 14:30   #15
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3.7 kW = 16A single-phase
7kW = 32A single-phase
11kW = 16A 3-phase
22kW = 32A 3-phase

If you don't have 3 phase at your property then you will not be able to have a 22kW unit installed at your property.

3.7kW typical vehicles: some first gen Nissan Leaf, most PHEVs
7kW typical: optional on first gen leaf, second gen leaf, Hyundai, kia, psa, etc
11kW*: Tesla 3, standard or optional on many european models, eg PSA,VW ID3, BMW i3, etc
22kW: Renault Zoe

*most 11kW vehicles can charge at 7kW on single-phase

There's also a matter of what do you really need? A home charger typical use case is to charge over night and a 7kW unit will pretty much fill any EV in an 8-10 hour period (but it is rare that you do this in practice - 15-20kWh top-ups are much more commonplace and obviously fit in 2-3 hours). However, one clear use case for faster home charging is to fit your charging into low-rate overnight hours or to maximise negative rates on agile tariffs (for those not aware, sometimes there is excess supply of electricity that drives wholesale prices negative and you can be paid to take electricity. However, at peak demand, low supply times you could also be looking at over 30p/kWh).

FWIW, I have a 7kW home charger but almost never use it. I use the charger at my workplace and some public chargers as they are typically cheaper (my workplace is around 2.5p/kWh, and there's a free rapid charger in my local town - 30 mins while shopping gets me most of what I need for a week). This will change as pricing changes, and I would not be without the home charging option.
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electric charging, phev, t8 engine, xc90 2016

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