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[HELP!!!] Emergency: Car runs terrible after throttle reset

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Old Dec 13th, 2018, 20:25   #1
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Default [HELP!!!] Emergency: Car runs terrible after throttle reset

I have an emergency problem that is completely my own fault, but I do not know how to correct my mistake.

Car: Volvo C30 D2, built in 2011
Problem: the car runs VERY rough after the 'Reset Throttle'/'calibrate throttle' procedure in VIDA. I really need your help, because I need my car tomorrow and I can not ride it in this state.

What happened:
I installed VIDA a few days ago. Today I did the 'reset throttle' procedure in VIDA. No, I did not replace the throttle body, it was pure curiosity that helped me in this misery (wise lesson: never just do it again). Afterwards, the car does not run well anymore.

I started the procedure with a warm car.
I had carefully read the description in VIDA to carry out the procedure. Turn the key to "II", click to start the reset procedure. The yellow marker immediately changed from yellow to green. I did not touch the pedal. I closed the calibration screen and turned off the engine, removed the key and waited for at least 3 minutes.

Then the engine started immediately, idling normally. But under load the engine makes a loud noise. The car stutters / hesitates a bit too
Please help me, how do I restore this?

Some specific questions:
Do I have to do this with a warm engine? Or a cold engine?
Once I have clicked 'Start Reset', do I have to keep the accelerator completely untouched? Or just impressions? There was not even enough time to press the accelerator before the indicator turned green.

In any case, I have already learned the wise lesson: never do this again, even though I have read the VIDA description correctly.

Thanks in advance for helping me
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Old Dec 14th, 2018, 12:28   #2
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Originally Posted by TheMarshal View Post

In any case, I have already learned the wise lesson: never do this again, even though I have read the VIDA description correctly.

Thanks in advance for helping me
I have done that twice myself and never had problem - once trough Vida, once trough battery reset. In both cases it worked no problem. No idea why it didnt work in your case - maybe you are just unlucky but dont get discouraged with Vida yet.
1) do you have any errors currently showing in Vida? I would expect some faults shown if car stutters
2) You can reset all "learned" settings by disconnecting battery for 10mins and copnnecting it back again. It should erase all adaptive settings, including throttle body, and will allow car to learn it again. The rule of thumb is - start the car and let it idle for 10mins. It will carry out auto adaptation on throttle and should revert to normal operation. If it doesnt - you have some other issue probably not related to actual throttle resetting.

edit - just a thought - reading your post makes me think you did the "reset" on car, then fired it up and iommediately tried to drive etc? if thats the case - its WRONG, you must allow it to idle without touching accelerator for quite some time (10 mins or so) and just after that it will be OK.

**all above is confirmed to work on T5 volvo engine, not 100% sure the same applies to D2 but I would imagine so**
2005 V50 T5AWD M66, Stage1 Hilton tune
E-focus torque mount, E46 bi-xenon retrofit v2 , (also available in PDF form), DTSC fully-off mod, Brembo discs+ATE ceramic pads
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