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V50 S40 Recall

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Old Apr 19th, 2013, 13:41   #71
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no sorry m8 its only the later ones . Volvo have put the recall out due to some snapping only o/s the longest one
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Old Apr 25th, 2013, 22:11   #72
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Originally Posted by s40manbaz View Post
the latest now is drive shafts right hand on c30 v50 s40 2012 onwards
Only D2s! Means, only cars built around 2010 onwards
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Old Nov 6th, 2013, 14:33   #73

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My 04,5 V50 T5 died on me last october 12 months ago. No warning lights, completely dead. Not even a tick from the starter solenoid. Funny thing was that, all of a sudden it would start, then not, thought it might be sticky starter solenoid. Took it to the volvodealer who spent a week of searching. Changed the ingnition switch, no go, changed battery, no go. Checked all wiring etc. They did not check starter cause it WAS NOT the problem they claimed.
A week later they called the mrs up and told her the car was fixed and ready to be picked up.

They fixed it by bypassing the starter relay, putting a permanent from it to ground on strut tower. this worked albiet I was not impressed. Shortly there after the car took forever to warm up to normal operating temperature. Dealer changed both thermostat and ect temp sensor, twice!! Still didnt heat up. Then the power steering got screwed, worked fine when coasting at steady speed. But when giving throttle it would not respond no matter how hard i turned the wheel. Especially bad until it got to operating temp, which took forever.
Dealer changer power steering fluid, no fix. Changed the steering pump, still no fix. The car was rendered useless and I handed over my 850R to the mrs and started using public transport myself. One night I had to go for a short trip, had no choice but using the V50. After 5 miles or so, car completely shat itself, first warning light so far showed up. Checked code. Cant remember the specific code but it was for O2 stuck lean.

After this happened, cooling fan died, vacuum pump died, both O2 sensor died, maf/map/ect/fps sensor likewise.

The car got shipped to dealer. I demanded they remove the jerry rigged cable from the starter relay ground and start fresh.

They did not want to hear of it and as car was out of warranty they offered no further help.

I then started ordering parts, all the parts listed above, including new fanshroud and plugs, starter motor and all. Costly stuff.

First thing I did was to remove the little 1`black grounding cable that initially cost me 650pounds (including fault searching etc).

Then replaced all parts myself in my driveway. Car still did not start on command, still not even a tick from solenoid under no start condition. Power steering worked when car worked.
Also, when car fired up and was used. MPG was halved 11MPG max.Could newer stop until back home again, as I anticipated to be stranded wherever I chose to stop the car. Ohh the cooling fan did still not kick in.

Mailed Volvo Sweden, Norway office, Im norwegian.. also mailed Volvo US branch. No replies after 2 weeks. I went by norway branch facebook page and publicly posted my story, which is more comprehensive than this account. 1 hour later volvo called me and said they would fix the car as they had blatantly disregarded their on procedures and practises. This was early june this summer. They had the car all summer, got it back late august. More or less fixed.
They had changed the ECU, TCM, cleaned the throttlebody etc. Car is now starting on command but has intermittent power delivery issues. At least I can use my car.
Lost 11 months usage of car and to top it of I had to pay a third of the cost for the parts they installed, no labour charge. This and the cost for all the parts I`ve changed myself summizes to almost 6000pounds, including the thermostats, ECT`s, power steering pump, fluid for it twice.
Power steering I suspect to be a result of a shot maf as it works in correlation with vehicle speed, load and probably other things.

NO CODES APART FROM the O2 sensor stuck lean, throughout the ordeal.

As a sidenote I can mention other things that have gone wrong with my car. The trunk door switch, passenger side window elevetor motor, windscreen wash pump, wheel bearing before 25k miles, ac compressor and finally PCV. ohh and TCV. I have had the car flooded 3 times. 1. Ac condenser plug loose 2. Right side sun roof drain plugged 3. Left side sun roof drain plugged.
Have had the interior out of the car 3 times!!! Changed carpet once.
Now I have drilled a 3mm hole on bottom part of rear footwells so as if anything want to flood the car again, at least it drains itself.

All in all the ****tiest car I have ever owned. Smooth and nice when fine but a true nightmare when not. Needless to say I will never buy another Volvo. Let alone trust a Volvo mechanic.

Looking to part with this P.O.S as soon as possible, while it still runs.
If I can get it sold for 10k pounds I`ll be happy - crazy prices in norway. I will have taken a total loss of 86000,- eightysixthousandpounds on this car. Cost 90000,- new. Not accounting for depreciation but still...

BTW car only has 60k miles on the odometer.
I might add that car has been serviced by the book from new, by volvo dealer.

Sorry for my rant, glad I`m still breathing..

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Old Dec 17th, 2013, 21:38   #74
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That looks like classic CEM failure.
2008 V50 2.0 D, silver, off-black leather interior, plod spec 320mm brakes and suspension, says 140 ps on the sticker but flies like proverbial off a shovell. NICE...
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Old Dec 17th, 2013, 22:07   #75
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Originally Posted by v40bart View Post
That looks like classic CEM failure.

Yip I'd second that!

Once you get multiple errors over multiple systems you've got to start looking at the CEM. There is no way on earth that you'd have so many failures over so much of the car without some central failure somewhere (CEM).

Of course the bodge job certainly wouldn't help any and one of the worst things on these cars is a duff earth connections.

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Old Feb 17th, 2014, 10:04   #76

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Originally Posted by Daim View Post
Only D2s! Means, only cars built around 2010 onwards
Has there been a recall for every drive shaft to be replaced, or is it just to inspect and replace as needed? My early D2 has not received a recall.

EDIT: Found it

Volvo S40s Affected By This Recall
There are 827 Volvo cars (across all models) affected by this recall. They were built between April 2011 and May 2012 and have VINs in the ranges:-
246534 to 266198
550114 to 565675
635615 to 651965

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Old Feb 23rd, 2014, 11:54   #77
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Default Volvo S40 and V50 2011 to 2012 Recall

I have a Volvo V50 D3 2012 model and just received a recall from my dealer. To quote, paragraph 3:

"We would like to advise you that Volvo's quality follow-up procedures have identified that a number of Volvo S40's and V50's (2011 to 2012) may experience a problem related to the chrome sleeves on the rear end pipes on your vehicles exhaust system. Due to an issue with the attachment process the chrome sleeve may come loose and potentially could become detached"

I have mine booked in at the local dealers

To check for all vehicle recalls‎ is a good site to look at. This will give you all the information you need regarding any recalls of any model of vehicle.
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Old Jun 4th, 2014, 08:35   #78
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If the chassis number on S40 is the following, YV1434MS2C2579099
can somebody advise please if the VIN number is part of it?
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Old Jun 4th, 2014, 20:09   #79
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Originally Posted by Rawas View Post
If the chassis number on S40 is the following, YV1434MS2C2579099
can somebody advise please if the VIN number is part of it?
you have it the wrong way round ,
The 17 digit number is the VIN,
The last 6 numbers are the chassis number .
My comments are only based on my opinions and vast experience .
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Old Jun 6th, 2014, 13:43   #80
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Originally Posted by v40bart View Post
That looks like classic CEM failure.
Whats the classic failure?? I got changing faults, from "not starting"only staring when towed" ALL types of messages" (engine and interior :S)"no boost"engine light"immobilizer" you name it

Am thinking it's the CEM, but what is the fix? Car is worth 3 grand and new CEM is about 1500 here...
Red about a trader that fixes them for 130 pounds, but what is the "classic" problem/issue??
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