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Volvo 480 GT - 1994

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Old Aug 15th, 2018, 11:51   #1
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Default Volvo 480 GT - 1994

I think one or two of the previous owners may have been on here in the past.

While working at Nissan & cycling to work I used to ride past this Volvo 480 pretty much daily depending on how late I was running. One day I stopped and it caught my attention, the fact the rear looks similar to a Honda Civic Ef, the pop up headlights function and being a peeping tom I looked inside the windows and was surprised to see the rear seats were not a typical bench but 2 separate foldable seats. I got to work and looked online at adverts and found not much around and prices pretty high for what I could pay at that given time.

So the idea faded away, I then changed jobs and started to drive for Uber so I stopped seeing the 480.

I did pick up an E46 compact that had a planned diesel conversion but with the new ULEZ coming in to London it just made the project far more costly with diesels being attacked left, right and centre so that got moved on before I got in to deep.

A few weeks ago I left my car at my old work place and I had to ride there to take my bike to a friend for some work, and low and behold I rode past the Volvo 480 and there was a for sale sign. I had to make the call.

We had a chat about the cars history and why the car was being sold and spoke briefly about the S60 in my ownership driven by my Mum still going strong. An arrangement was made and I picked the car up for peanuts luckily in comparison to what is out there online.

So its a Volvo 480 GT coupe, 4 seater, 2.0 110bhp petrol, 5 speed manual, heated half leathers, electric windows, glass tailgate, pop up headlights, air con, the coolest OBC ever.

I only have some iPhone photos at the moment, will give the car a clean up and get my DSLR out.

My Mum brought the S60 down for an MOT so it was only right to get a side on shot of them parked together. Passed just needs lower arm bushes and track rods attending too soon.

The car had a load of paperwork included which I sorted through today, MOT certificates, parts invoices and a few garage labour invoices, some pages of common issues and fixing solutions which I will also look through. I will list some of the history.


July - Oil & Filter - Spark Plugs - Handbrake Cable Boots


July - Oil & Filter - Bulbs


August - Oil & Filter - Spark Plugs - Brake Pads - Exhaust Mount


August - Oil & Filter
October - Rear Silencer & Pipe - Coolant Drain & Refill


August - Rear Shock - Oil & Filter
October - N/S Gaiter - Cambelt & Water Pump - Coolant Flush - Air Con Regas


February - Front Discs & Pads - Rear Discs & Pads - Mirror Frame Replaced - Door Check Strap Replaced
March - Oil & Filter & Motor Flush - Handbrake Cables - Trim Clips


September - Oil & Filter - Distributor Cap - Wipers


October - Oil & Filter - Air Filter - Aux Belts
November - Rear Exhaust Silencer - Mudflap


September - Oil & Filter - Spark Plugs - Coolant - Brake Fluid - Power Steering Fluid


April - Oil & Filter - Spark Plugs - N/S/F ABS Sensor


August - Clutch Cable - Rear Window Heater Elements Cleaned - Aux Belt - Oil & Filter - Fuel Filter


June - O/S Door Mech (Second Hand) - Air Con Electric Cable Fault Repaired
October - Oil & Filter - Spark Plugs


May - Cambelt (Water Pump Not Changed, Genuine Part In Box Supplied To Me Luckily)
June - O/S Headlight Motor (Second Hand)
September - Front Coil Springs
November - Front Discs & Pads - N/S Caliper (Second Hand)
December - Tail Light Seals (These Were Sourced In Europe & Cost A Bomb)


May - Oil & Filter - Spark Plugs - Coolant Top Up - Brake Fluid Top Up - Engine Mount Replacement - Lower Arm Bushes
July - Speedometer Overhauled (Works Fine Except For Mileage Not Logging)
October - Rear Discs & Pads - Speedometer Cluster Circuit Fixed


March - Tailgate Struts (Second Hand)
August - O/S Window Regulator - Seat Belt Hooks (Part Not Fitted But Supplied To Me) - Radiator Top Hose
September - Seat Belt Clips - Air Duct - Alternator

That brings the history up to date, there is a service book with stamps in also and it has supposedly been serviced recently but no paperwork so I will be doing that myself and doing all the fluids possible.

On inspection brakes feel pretty horrible, needs a new centre light cluster as cracked, interior needs cleaning & central locking needs looking in to. Clutch feels horrible compared to my modern Ford Mondeo but thats life.

Any advice on these please go ahead.

Hopefully some updates soon.
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Old Aug 16th, 2018, 14:02   #2
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Congratulations on taking on 480 ownership - the car will give you hours of pleasure and probably hours of pain, but they are loveable little cars and worth it all!

You will find some help on here if you shout when you have a problem, but your best bet is to join the Volvo 480 Europe forum ( where you will find a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on.

All the best

2010 V50 SE
2004 C70 Collection
1994 480 GT
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