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850/x70 S1 Articles How to's and step by step guides on a specific repair or modification to a Volvo 850/70 car.

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Delayed Wiper Mod for 850 and Phase 1 70'

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Okay then here goes the guide, tried to make it as simple as possible Apologies if you already know this stuff.......

  • A T-25 Torx driver
  • VW Relay number 99, found fitted to most reasonable spec VWs/Audis/Seats and Skodas from 97' onwards (best bet is mk3 or 4 golf golf) , mine came from a passat 1.8T but they are quite simple to remove, found in the drivers footwell, at the scrapyard, remove the kick panel above the pedals and there should be a strip with the relays on. They all have nice numbers on them, and you need 99 lower spec ones will have either number 19 or 129, these are no good.

  • Patience

1. Remove the three T-25 screws locating the kick panel in the driver's footwell (three screws circled):

2. Gently lower the edge of the panel nearest the steering wheel, you can see how it has to be fed around the bonnet release lever. Take note how the lip slides into the white plastic clip on the LHS. Now remove the panel completely and place it out the way.

3. With this removed, now adopt a very unflattering position so you can see up into the dashboard above the pedals. You need to get a good view of the fuse box, i find lying on my left hand side on the ground with my elbow in the footwell works well The bottom edge of the fuse box can be seen circled. This extends right up to the fuse unit under the bonnet.I have unclipped the yellow connector which is dangling down, it was just connected to the edge of the fusebox with a clip. Dont know what its for!

4. You now have to locate the relay needing to be removed, this is always in the same position but the relays surrounding it will vary depending on 3/5dr and options. As shown on the diagram below (courtesy of ) the relay you require is number 9. Seeing it is impossible so you will have to feel your way around. It is a tall relay and will be next to another tall relay on the estate as number 10 is the same relay for the rear wiper.

5.Once located you will have to remove it, this is quite easy, simply wiggle it and pull to release. Be careful not to catch anything else though. I found access limited by the cruise control system pipes.

6.You should now have the original relay in your hand/footwell, this is how it should look.

7. Now we get onto the important bit, fitting the new relay. It is important at this time to note that the pins on the relay are orientated the same way, the volvo relay always sits with the top number the correct way up, so orientate the new relay with the terminals in the same orientation.

8. The fiddly bit is now to feed the relay into position whilst keeping it the right way round. I found the relays either side help you guide it in. Dont force it in, it will go in easily if its the right way round. This will require patience, but as I have fists like joints of meat smaller hands will make it much easier!

9.Now the relay is fitted you can replace the kick panel making sure you have got the bonnet handle and left hand clips in the correct place.

It is now time to try out the modification, dont forget to move the relay you have removed though as it can be quite painful to sit on when your excited to try out the new fix

First of all check the operation of your front wiper to make sure it works normally.

Next check that the washer/wipe function works, you will find you now get 3 wipes after releasing the wash instead of the 4 the volvo unit gave, this is much better!

Now you can try the intermittant:
If you just turn to intermittant with the stalk, you will get 1 wipe about every 6 seconds, the trick to programming it is very simple:

1.Turn on intermittant allowing for 1 wipe to happen, now return the stalk to off.
2.Wait until enought time has elapsed until you require the next wipe and turn the stalk back to intermittant and leave it.
3.The unit will now remember the amount of time between the wipes and continue with that delay until the ignition is turned off or you turn the wipers off.
4. The delay can be set at any interval for 0.5 to 30 seconds and can be altered at any time. This is a nice modification as it does not require modifiying any wiring or adding extra switches, it becomes very intuitive to use after a day or so too.

Happy Wiping

1997/98 V70 T5 Manual - Now Gone
1989 205 GTi16 Track Car

1991 205 GTi Road Car
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