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06 SE wont rev above 800-1000rpm

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Old Nov 23rd, 2020, 19:03   #1
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Default 06 SE wont rev above 800-1000rpm

Hi, i am not a mechanic by any means but have enough of an understanding to do most servicing and general maintenance on my cars but i am completely stumped by this now.

After owning my v50 for a few months i have had nothing but trouble with it, loads of electrical stuff going wrong and even having the sunroof turn my car into a mobile Jacuzzi.

The latest problem seems to have come from nowhere, after driving it fine one day and parking it on the drive the next night when i tried to drive it to work it just would not start. at first it was nearly starting but not quite getting there so i left it and got a lift into work from a friend. next morning i went out to see what was happening with it, tried to start it and all i got was clicking sound from under the bonnet, after a quick phone call to a friend we agreed it could be the battery so i borrowed a battery charger from a friend and left it to charge all day and night. the following day i had gone from the clicking sound to it almost wanting to start again so this potentially fixed my battery issue.

So now i have potentially eliminated the battery i hit google up to see if there was any common problems that could cause this apart from the obvious glow plugs and starter motor. obvously i came across loads of forum posts with people not able to start there volvos and began my very fun jurney of figuring out wtf is wrong.

First thing i did was try to jump start it but that didnt help, we tried to bump start it but it was having none of it so of i went to bullseye to get some easy start. We got it running but it was running lumpy, we could see that there was air in the fuel line coming from the fuel filter so we left it running for 5-10 minutes to see if it would clear up but it didnt, i turned it off and tried to see if it would start again and it did, this rules out a bad starter and glow plugs? we then bypassed the fuel filter and all the air bubbles stopped (im guessing the seals have gone on the fuel filter?) but the engine didnt run any better so air in the fuel line might not be my problem.

By this point we had noticed that you can not press the accelerator pedal at all without the car cutting out and this is now my problem i can not figure out, no matter what the car will not rev using the pedal it just seems like the engine stalls, but when the engine is running if you squirt some easy start the engine will rev up fine?

Today after some more googling i thought cleaning the throttle body would help, i took it off and of course it was covered in **** so i cleaned it out with a cloth and some carb cleaner but this didn't help. i also have seen some people suggesting it could be the EGR being blocked? i haven't taken it off to see but if that was my problem would just unplugging it fix it for now until i clean it or blank it off? i unplugged it earlier but it didn't do anything.

It started showing an immobilizer fault code, after a bit of googling a lot of people had luck with unplugging and reconnecting the CEM/fuse box but this didn't do anything for me.

TLDR: engine cuts out when pressing the accelerator pedal but easy start makes it rev up fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Old Nov 25th, 2020, 14:31   #2
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Last Online: Nov 28th, 2020 14:17
Join Date: Nov 2020
Location: Doncaster

i managed to get the car running again yesterday to see if it had changed its mind and wanted to start running fine again, it didn't.

i left it running for 5-10 minutes until the engine warmed up and this time i managed to be able to rev the car slightly without it cutting out, i could rev it up to about 1200rpm and it was still idling lumpy at about 800rpm.

i thought i would try and move the car by just using the clutch and this worked, i could have probably drove the car like this if i controlled the clutch properly and got it up to speed where the car would just pull itself along in first or reverse.

i have just raised more questions than answers to myself and this has totally got me baffled now.
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egr, v50 2.0d, wont rev, wont start

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