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Uneasy at these events.

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Old Nov 12th, 2018, 09:29   #61
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Perhaps you could use the accident over the weekend as an example for your argument.

VW Golf speeding, driving erratically, and then crashed into a people carrier killing everyone on board.

I think one of the main issues with driving standards these days; is that people are not trained to a standard where they know the limits of their cars.

In relation to being limited on the car, no... I would not like to be limited to the speed limit for that area, I'd like to still have some responsibility, thus making and learning from my own mistakes.
I know full well well what damage can be caused by speeding, drink driving and dangerous driving.

The example given at the beginning of this thread is a good example of dangerous driving, and I'd be reporting a driver going to wrong way on a motorway, as well as a pedestrian walking alongside the motorway.
It is bloody dangerous, and just takes that one person to not see the other, causing another incident to take up lives/resources.

Improve driver training and then maybe, just maybe the speed limits could be adjusted.
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Old Nov 12th, 2018, 19:25   #62
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Originally Posted by Harvey1512 View Post
To be fair to them if someone reports abuse from Twitter or wherever they are duty bound to deal with it. I feel for them there, they are being bogged down with name calling investigations, 99.999% being from cowardly keyboard warriors. It must drive them nuts.

Just shows what a ridiculous state of affairs we're currently in. I reported some criminal damage to a car, and they refused to even investigate it. I reckon they ended up spending more time arguing with me about why they didn't think it was worth investigating than it would have taken them to actually visit the suspect, whose contact details I gave them. And then it probably took them at least as much time again to address the formal complaint I made about their refusal.

Originally Posted by Ukwide View Post
.............In Wiltshire, they won’t even accept City Centre camera footage as evidence, so lord knows what they’ll do with a dash cam footage. ...............
I bet the police will accept footage when it suits them. There was an accident involving a lorry and a parked car, and Boris Johnson. That footage conveniently materialised but I wonder whether it would have been so readliy available had Boris not been in the vicinity at the time.

I do sympathise with drivers who effectively get trapped on a section of motorway or dual carriageway after accidents, and I am aware that the police sometimes come in for criticism for not getting the traffic moving sooner, or arranging for drivers to leave the motorway by alternative means.
One solution to this would be to make the emergency access gates more readily available (ie not locked) so that in the event of a motorway closure, drivers could leave in safety and without having to drive against the flow of traffic. These access gates exist all over the place, but are easy to miss when driving along a motorway or dual carraigeway at speed. I know the locations of some on the Chichester to Havant stretch of the A27, which occasionally gets fouled up, and I'm sure the resultant gridlock could be eased by making use of these gates.

And if anyone tells you that if you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to worry about, then maybe tell them to have a look at a few miscarriage of justice cases, for example, Derek Bentley, the Guildford 4, Birmingham 6, the Maguire 7, Stefan Kiszko, Winston Silcott, Eddie Gilfoyle, Donna Anthony, Barry George, Sally Clark and Ched Evans to name just a few.

I hope I'm wrong, but I can't help but wonder if the human race will eventually legislate itself out of existence due to it's stupidity.

On the question of the deterrent factor in laws and sentencing, I was chatting to a friend last year who believes we should bring back the death penalty for certain offences. I said I am uneasy about agreeing to that on the basis that the law doesn't always get it right. Another aspect to this is the fact that there are those who will commit crimes anyway, regardless of the penalty. I remember we discussed the case of two British women who had been arrested abroad in possession of drugs, and one of them was on death row. My friend said it was her own fault, which could well be true, however, it's fair to look at why the deterrent factor didn't stop her doing it. One possible answer to this is that she simply thought she wasn't going to be caught, and if this is true, then it's irrelevant how harsh the penalty might be, becuse in her mind, it was never going to happen.

Originally Posted by Black dog View Post
If the road was closed how could you be going the wrong way?? Brain dead!
People are not prisoners, and can not be kept against their will, it's illegal to be a pedestrian on a motorway so if they were not let through don't they have the right to leave?...........
That's a fair question. I wonder if anyone has ever defended a charge relating to this, or appealed a conviction based on one.

Originally Posted by AndyJudge View Post
.........I've been stuck on the motorway due to an accident for many hours in the past, I'm afraid it's one of those things..........
Some friends of mine got stuck on a motorway due to heavy snow many years ago. In the absence of any other means to get away, they left the car where it was, climbed over the barrier next to the hard shoulder, walked to a town and checked into a hotel.
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Old Nov 12th, 2018, 23:43   #63
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Can you imagine the potential for carnage if the central gates were left unlocked? Slightest queue and those same people that justify turning around and driving back the wrong way (without supervision) would just decide to open the gate and pull into the fast lane of oncoming traffic...… Or would they, I wonder?
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