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Possible purchase

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Old Sep 12th, 2019, 21:44   #11
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I was told by a volvo mechanic friend that the auto boxes on these cars are a lot stronger than the manual boxes and need a lot less maintenance as long as the fluids are changed regularly. Infact he reckoned the manuals are awfull especially if you use the vehicle to tow. Also auto transmissions are a lot gentler on the engine and driveline.

Can anyone else verify if this is not a good buy and to avoid it because it has an automatic gearbox?

Also can you change this to geartronic (if it is worth it)?

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Old Sep 12th, 2019, 22:06   #12
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My auto box, which has travelled 40000 miles in my ownership, and 115000 Miles overall, and has dealt with 70hp and 170nm more than it did for the 1st 75000 miles of its life, drives perfectly, and it doesn't have an easy life!

I've done a couple of fluid changes to keep it fresh as I also tow a caravan, but not regularly, and its absolutely as it should be.

Don't be put off by an auto box, as long as it shifts up and down when hot with no problems, doesn't hang onto gears when hot and doesn't flare at motorway speeds under normal acceleration, it will be fine.

Do regular partial oil changes every 5k until it stays red and it should last as long as any other major component.
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Old Sep 13th, 2019, 13:01   #13
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If it's shifting fine when hot (as others have said) and serviced (as evidenced by the clean fluid) then go for it.

Automatics being easier on the driveline is well established.

These units were installed in Lexus, Saab and other marques with success.
It was only Ford's meddling with the "Stop Neutral" feature and a popular industry lie that the fluid was "lifetime" which damaged some, not all, of these transmissions.

The Stop Neutral was removed summarily. There's a chance this '02 was had it deleted before delivery.

Regarding conversion to Geartronic: I don't know. I assume there's a programming change. Some shifting hardware might be different. The shift gate in the passenger compartment is likely different; Geartronic has the +1 and -1 (upshift and downshift nudge), yes?
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