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Engine Mounts

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Old Apr 17th, 2019, 11:27   #1
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Default Engine Mounts

I purchased mounts from IPD in September of 2017 and had them installed by a mechanic here in Sydney. Today (16/04/19) I was seeking a rego inspection at another shop and was told one of the lower mounts and the upper mount need replacing. I would have thought that mounts would last much longer than 18 months (10000 kms). Am I being scammed?

Al Craig
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Old Apr 17th, 2019, 13:03   #2
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We (Europe) often have a 2 year warranty on things like this. Checking what warranty Australia has would be the first step...

And yes, I would certainly expect more than 2 years out of engine-mounts.

I can't rule out it being a 'customer is dumb enough to believe our crap' scam.
I've had the control-arm on my Ford Mondeo replaced. Next time again, so I questioned them and they said, it must be the other one. Next visit it had once again have to be replaced (MOT/APK/yearly check fail-point). Then it turned out it was the third replacement on the same side as the other one was still the factory mounted version (rivitted instead of screwed).
So I got my money back (took over a year and spreading the story all over internet, but they eventually caved...)

Assuming it is a diesel... because I don't know if the petrol has vacuum mounts:

You can check the lower engine mount (the vacuum one) by taking the tube off at the vacuumvalve on the fron of the airbox, sucking on it and sealing it off with your tongue. If your tongue stays stuck to the tube for >10 seconds, there's not much of a leak. But they can also loose oil and that drops the engine slightly down. My rear one had a vacuum which was OK, but the engine still sat too low: there's a rubber stop that should have about 1cm clearance. Before changing the rear mount it was down to a few millimeters on mine. Some say it should even have 2cm clearance, but that sounds too much. This rubber stop is located under the airbox, but much further down, between the subframe and the gearbox.

Unfortunately it isn't shown on the subframe below:
Ex police Jan '04 V70 D5 AWD geartronic, and I've got the antenna-holes to prove it.

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Old Apr 17th, 2019, 15:43   #3
Willow place

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I was just going to do a new post, and, it appears that I have been beaten !!, I am i the process today of replacing front and rear on my 2003 D5 and noticed there is now a gap on the sub frame , before the gearbox was tight on the rubber, I have a gap of 8mm now so suppose this is O.K. ? Is the Snubber there for excessive engine movement ?
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Old Apr 17th, 2019, 21:35   #4
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Originally Posted by Willow place View Post
I have a gap of 8mm now so suppose this is O.K. ?
Yes, that's how it's supposed to be.
2002 S60 SE D5 Manual
205000 miles
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