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The lack of subjects

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Old Mar 18th, 2017, 11:44   #31
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Default The lack of subjects


"It is very concerning that a lot of our young people are not being introduced to subjects by teachers with the necessary expertise in them,Ē

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Old Aug 6th, 2022, 00:06   #32
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FWIW Iíve been a wheelchair user for 15 years now and this used to p1$$ me off immensely. It wasnít until I was out with another wheelie mate that he reminded me that not every disability is obvious and each condition has its unique challenges. Not being contentious, just mindful of the fact that there are more than one type of disability and theyíre not all visible as mine. I learned a valuable lesson in humility that day and Iím grateful for it.

Peace & love,

Steve Raspberry
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Mrs Familyman walks with a stick on a good day, and is a wheelchair user on a bad on due to MS. She rightly deserves her blue badge.

I don't have full use of my right arm and hand due to an incident years ago from. Which I've endured 3 operations and have a load of metalwork inserted. As a result I struggle manoeuvring into tight spaces so enquired about a blue badge.

They told me I'm not entitled to one with just one arm like that. If I had both arms like that, they say, then I would be eligible. I'm cool with the decision I was only enquiring and had no real expectations.

It does make me wonder thought about how daft the rules can be. After all, if I had 2 arms like that I wouldn't be able to drive in the first place
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