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2.3 t5 problems

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Old May 7th, 2017, 18:35   #1
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Default 2.3 t5 problems

Hello guys, I'm new to the site and a volvo owner.

I've always likes a t5 so the opportunity came up for a cheap t5 estate (2001 ex police) I know these cars are pretty reliable if they're kept on top of. One I bought hasn't been kept on top of so it seems

Basically its got quite a few faults, I did get it cheap and I'm pretty mechanically minded so I've done a few bits and bobs today.

Here's the fault list from driving it home (6 miles)

big oil leak, looks like its coming from the back of the engine, underside is soaked and so is the tailgate haha. I've read a few posts and seen a few people comment on oil return pipes to the turbo (the o-ring and gasket failing) it looks bone dry from the top. I took the strut bar or engine stabilliser off and the intake pipe to the turbo but I couldn't see anything sticking out, am I better going from underneath? Is there any common leaks apart from that?

Check Brake Light, this comes up when you push the brake light, I've seen alot of people saying it can just be corroded connectors etc, I haven't checked that but I thought I'd ask to see if there are any other common faults with that

Poor Idle (cuts out revs between 500-1000 rpm, cuts out when driving and lifting off the throttle) I've read alot about the etm's failing so I took that off and gave it a clean, I've not stuck it back on yet as I wanted to get a new gasket for it and I also noticed the plastic intake pipe that joins the etm has a massive split in it. Alot of the vacuum pipes have been replaced for new thicker ones so I had a quick check and they look ok, I could rule that out.

EML light on, This Im going to check in the next few days, guy said he had it check and it said the maf. Im not sure if this would cause the idle issue, just thought I'd mention it (Currently a bosch one fitted)

I've bought a shed, totally understand but I enjoy messing with cars and if I love the whole fast estate car I might get a better one or spend abit on this.

Guys, thanks in advance for any help. I just want to know as much as I possibly can before I start tackling it so any advice or knowledge is much appreciated.

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Old Jun 25th, 2017, 14:15   #2
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Hi Sydor,

If your lucky the big oil leak could be the turbo return pipe but more often than not, its going to be the rear engine seal. You'll have to whip out the gearbox for that sucker.

The brake light bulb coming on could be just that. Check that the high level one is working and the sidelights work. If it was corroded terminals im pretty sure the bulb wouldn't work but im sure that's not a real big problem.

Sounds like you've got a handle on the Idle.

If your EML is just the MAF sensor, there are plenty about on Evil bay and theyre not too expensive if you wanted to buy new.

Apart from the leak, it all sounds pretty simple. Good luck chum and keep us informed,

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