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After service Oil issues

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Old May 30th, 2019, 18:33   #21
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Originally Posted by RS3100 View Post

As far as I can ascertain. I can't claim credit for discovering the PID parameters. I got them from a guy on a German forum, but it has been tried on various cars with diesel and petrol VEA engines and seems to work reliably.

I have access to other aftermarket diagnostic equipment and the oil level as reported by Torque with that PID agrees with the CEM oil level reported by the other scanner, so I am happy with it.

Might be worth comparing it with a reading from Torque or other software, to be sure.

Incidentally, from what I can gather, the dashboard oil level gauge on the VEA engine cars only has three states: OK, add oil or overfilled. The graphic of a gauge is a misrepresentation in as much as the indicated oil level won't change outside of those three parameters. More dumbing down for the driver

Have a read through this link. It's quite long, but interesting!
Great thread you linked... So a dipstick CAN be fitted!

It also confirmed my observations (made while cautiously adding oil after getting the warning message) that the e-dipstick graphic is a complete fraud, as it can only either indicate 'min' or illuminate all bars together to indicate 'max'... no intermediate reading is ever given.
2015 V60 D4 181 (VEA) R-Design Lux Nav manual
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Old May 30th, 2019, 18:48   #22

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Originally Posted by Zebster View Post
Have added 0.5L of the correct oil, e-dipstick is now on max but the level (read using the Car Scanner app) is only 25.68mm (so a fair way down from what you're suggesting as the refill target).
Thanks for adding this VIDA info.
All VEA parameters displayed in Car Scanner are identical with readings in VIDA, I double checked: oil level in mm, DPF soot, last DPF regen distance, battery SoC, ATF temperature...

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Old Jun 5th, 2019, 17:14   #23
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I had the same issue. Did my first oil change and had oil level over filled message. As my first service and the place I got the car was a bit far, I have visited another Volvo dealer to address the issue and to have a software update to resolve some other issues I had with the car modem and adaptive cruise control. They have found that my dealer have filled 5.6lts compared to 5.2 lts for the D4 engine as per the car manual. After taking the car back got critical low level oil. So went back in the 2nd day for check up, apparently they have taken out appx 1 lts of oil to 4.7 lts. This is due to a recent Volvo advise (i asked to see the report issued by volvo and I saw that). At the same time they contacted Volvo support and they sent a software update patch that solved the oil level warning issues. For some reason I was not charged for any of the works done even though I didn’t buy the car from that specific dealer.
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